Since the advent of microled, its application scenario has been one of the focuses of the industry debate.

In terms of product features and other advantages, it seems that microled should blossom earlier in the field of ultra small size display. But the reality is that microled is the first to be used in the field of super large display.

Whether it is Riad, or Lehman optoelectronics and other microled display enterprises, there have been some cases of super large microled display applied in various places.

On the last day of 2020, the National Energy Group production and operation collaborative scheduling information system project (also known as cornerstone project) built by Riad was officially delivered and put into use, becoming the single micro LED display project with the largest application area in the world.

According to the senior engineer, the total area of the project is 227m ²。 The large screen of command and control center on the first floor adopts p0.9 micro LED display, with an area of 216m ², The whole screen has more than 7 8K resolutions, close to 250 million pixels; Two p0.7 micro LED displays are used in the conference rooms on the East and west sides of the second floor.

The cornerstone project is also the largest project since the establishment of Lijing microelectronics.

How to accelerate the implementation of micro LED applications?

“Since microled was put into production, the growth rate of Shangxian has far exceeded expectations, so it has communicated with Jingdian about the production expansion plan, which is expected to be implemented in January next year, half a year ahead of the planned production expansion time.” Riad said when it received institutional investors on December 17, 2020.

Jiang Yi, chief operating officer of Riad, also admitted at the 2020 high tech led annual meeting that in 2020, Riad has applied microled to high-end large-size applications. If it goes further, it is possible that next year (2021) it will move towards smaller space, such as conference rooms and all-in-one conference machines“ Then go back, 2 or 3 years later, with the further development of technology, it can go to AR, VR and other professional application fields. “

According to Riad’s estimation, the cost of microled will drop significantly in three years. At that stage, it will go to the field of consumer TV and home appliances.

Jiang Yi believes that there is no way to compare the cost of microled with LCD and OLED at present, but after three years, its price and cost will drop sharply, and it will advance rapidly in the field of consumption.

In the first three quarters, the microled business of another major microled display manufacturer, Lehman optoelectronics, also achieved a year-on-year revenue growth of 49.3%, with a year-on-year growth of 70% in the domestic market.

It is understood that Lehman optoelectronics has launched a full range of microled Ultra HD displays with 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm point spacing based on cob advanced technology, and all of them have achieved mass production, with application scenarios covering high-end conference, broadcasting, exhibition, command and monitoring, etc.

“At present, the application scenarios of microled in the super large-scale display market, especially in high-end occasions, have been basically realized. This is the first step. To realize the second step in the application of AR, VR and other super small-scale, the process technology needs to be further mature and improved, and with the decline of price.” Senior people in the industry told high tech that the most important thing for microled in the field of household consumption is the cost.

In fact, many companies have launched wearable devices with microled display.

In the consumer sector, Samsung, Sony, LG and other international giants have also launched their own microled TV.

But the price of several million yuan has been basically doomed, and now it can only be sold sporadically in the super high-end field.

Before that, Li MANTIE, chairman of Lehman optoelectronics, admitted in an interview with hi tech’s new display that the 110 inch micro LED TV with no more than 100000 yuan should be the sweet spot of price in the field of household consumption.

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