“If the Internet of things (http://www.iotime.com/ ‘target ='” is introduced into the supply chain of flower cold chain, the waste rate will be reduced by 10%, which will save more than $100 million. “

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year in the flower industry. U.S. consumers spent $2.6 billion on Mother’s day last year, according to an annual survey by the National Retail Federation. Since the sales performance of this industry is so amazing, it is crucial for flower companies to control their supply chain and deliver flowers on time, while keeping the flowers in the freshest condition.

The cold chain supply chain of flower industry is complex and depends on the smooth progress of the whole process. Flowers are often planted in places like Colombia, and then they have to be transported to the United States by plane, through customs, to refrigerated warehouses, then to flower shops, grocery stores, and finally to consumers. Every link of this complex process may appear. Flowers are so delicate and always rely on the right temperature to keep them beautiful.

Application of Internet of things positioning technology in supply chain

Reliable technology is very important to measure and control many variables. Most importantly, knowing where your goods are, you can adjust them in case of supply delay or failure.

How the Internet of things serves the cold chain of flowers

According to David Hartstein, chief executive of kabroom, a truck carrying flowers usually carries 700-800 boxes at a retail price of about $200 at a flower selling Festival. If the logistics problems, it may have a serious impact on these flowers, and the loss is huge, more importantly, social needs can not be met.

The Internet of things is a hot topic, which is becoming a key part of the supply chain. The cold chain supply chain needs to use Internet of things technology to monitor temperature, humidity and product location. Internet of things technology enables us to scientifically grasp the limitations of perishable goods, ensure the best fresh-keeping ability and the efficiency of transportation process, and keep the best status of flowers in the whole transportation process from picking place to consumers.

David Bairstow, vice president of skyhook products, said: “experts in the industry pointed out that in general, due to the unsalable flowers, 40% of them will be wasted on average, which is equivalent to a loss of about $1.04 billion per year, which obviously has a lot of room for improvement. If the Internet of things is introduced into the cold chain supply chain, as long as the waste is reduced by 10%, it will save more than 100 million dollars. “


In this complex industry, it is very important to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain all the time. A small mistake may cause heavy losses. Internet of things positioning technology can help reduce the risk of supply chain and ensure the best outcome, thus protecting the delivery of flowers.

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