China is in the era of consumption upgrading. Since the reform and opening up for 40 years, my country’s GDP has increased by more than 30 times. With the improvement of people’s living standards, China’s consumption field has undergone tremendous changes. Consumption upgrading is the general trend.

Nowadays, people are more willing to pursue and enjoy a high-quality lifestyle, and like to spend more in this area. This consumption concept has brought about significant changes in the structure of the home appliance industry. Ultimate experience and high quality have become indispensable product elements for home appliances. . This is especially evident in the field of large-screen TVs. People love large-screen TVs with the ultimate audio-visual experience, comparable to theaters. However, although there are many choices of large-screen TVs, there are very few that can really meet people’s needs.

Consumers are not willing to buy large-screen TVs

Therefore, the overall sales volume of the color TV market in recent years is not satisfactory. In the first half of 2019, the sales volume of China’s color TV market was 22 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 2.7%, and the sales volume was 64 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.8%. Only from the fact that the decrease in sales is much greater than the sales volume, it can be seen how bloody the price war in the color TV market is.

According to the “Leisure Green Paper: 2018-2019 China Leisure Development Report” released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the average time Chinese people spend watching TV is only 100 minutes per day.

Therefore, what the TV market needs is not a price reduction, but an upgrade. Since it is impossible to carry a TV with you like a mobile phone, it is necessary to create a viewing effect close to a movie on the TV. The thinking of most TV manufacturers is very simple: want to Looks good, the TV must be bigger! But is it enough just to have a big screen? Obviously not, let’s take a look at how TCL, the leader of the TV industry and a big country brand, came up with a solution.

The larger screen size can allow users to have a wider visual range, but if you want to have a theater-level viewing immersion, image quality optimization technology is the most important thing. To give a simple example, the TCL D9 high color gamut TV has a qualitative difference in picture quality compared with ordinary large-screen TVs.

First of all, we have to figure out what the color gamut represents? It refers to the range of colors that a color image can display, that is, the standard for judging whether the three colors of red, green, and blue are in place. In layman’s terms, it refers to how many colors the display can display. We use a triangular area to represent this color range , the larger the range covered by the color gamut, the more vivid the color of the display.

In the TV industry, (BT.709) is usually used as a standard to measure the color gamut value. bt. 709 is the color gamut value standard used by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for most monitors, TVs and other equipment. The industry usually uses 100% color gamut value as a threshold, the monitor with poor color is lower than 100%, and the monitor with better color is equal to or higher than 100%. The color gamut of ordinary large-screen TVs is mostly between 70% and 90%, while the color gamut of TCL D9 high-color gamut TVs is as high as 130%, which is a very large gap.

With high color gamut support, the TV can show better picture quality without bright backlight, which can also reduce the power consumption of the TV, reduce the loss of components, and prolong the service life of the TV.

Therefore, TCL D9 high color gamut TV uses RGB three-dimensional algorithm to optimize nearly 7,000 kinds of subtle colors, and intelligently adjusts the color details and light and dark changes of images in each area, so as to achieve more accurate color display and higher contrast color display , so that the details and layers of the picture are richer.

While pursuing true picture quality, TCL D9 high-color gamut TV is more concerned about the health of users’ eyes. It uses hybrid dimming technology – anti-blue light mode and natural light mode, so that the TV screen does not flicker and the light source is not dazzling. Enjoy good picture quality At the same time more seductive.

In terms of hardware configuration, TCL D9 high color gamut TV adopts the T972 core that can decode 8K, the precision technology of 12nm manufacturing SoC, and the combination of A55 quad-core high-efficiency CPU, which runs silky smooth without stuttering. In addition, the AI ​​voice function is the highlight of this TV. It supports 6 kinds of language recognition, 8-meter far-field voice control, and also adds a wake-up-free function. Natural and smooth multiple rounds of dialogue, and you can also easily control the smart home appliances in the house, and you can directly give instructions to Little T for what you want to do. For example: I want to watch “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, turn off the lights in the living room, adjust the air conditioner to 26 degrees, etc. With a TCL D9 high color gamut TV at home, there is basically no need for a remote control to operate, full of black technology.

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