In the field of security, there are a large number of video images, and manual screening is time-consuming and laborious, which is a headache for enterprises, governments and organizations. How to realize intelligent video analysis? How to turn the inefficient human eye recognition into automatic accurate screening and fast tracking target? The application of artificial intelligence makes our public security more secure.

How security becomes smarter with AI

Recently, at the Asia consumer electronics show 2019, products related to intelligent video management system have attracted wide market attention. This kind of products can show a large amount of video data in the form of “problem pictures”, and only one mobile phone can grasp the actual situation of multiple stores and regions, effectively solving the internal management problems of the enterprise.

Wu Xiaohui, CTO of Hangzhou shizai Technology Co., Ltd., a product related enterprise, said in an on-site interview that at present, there are many potential safety hazards in various industries, such as common cooking fires, site safety and urban traffic accidents, which can be effectively avoided, except for natural behaviors. The emergence of video algorithm analysis technology, just to solve these problems, and effectively provide a practical basis for enterprise management.

According to the introduction, this technology can not only effectively solve the problem of fast and clear image recognition, but also build a variety of equations and algorithms according to the needs of different industry scenarios, and accurately build simulation models based on data in various fields. At present, this technology has been widely used in the fields of catering, fitness, logistics and fresh food. It can be said that the emergence of artificial intelligence has promoted the rapid development of the field of security, making security more “smart”.

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