Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of China’s information level and the rapid development of information industry, smart medicine has been developed rapidly in China. At present, more and more intelligent medical systems gradually enter the hospital, which greatly improves the medical experience of patients.

Today, let’s follow the netrix intelligent interactive tablet into the social health center of Shenzhen Bao’an Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and the famous traditional Chinese Medicine Museum to see how netrix promotes the construction of smart medicine?

Netrix settled in the social health center of Shenzhen Bao’an Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to help the transformation and upgrading of medical care office

The community health service center of Shenzhen Bao’an traditional Chinese medicine hospital, relying on the strong medical strength of the general hospital Bao’an traditional Chinese medicine hospital (Group), further extends the high-quality medical resources of traditional Chinese medicine, and provides high-quality services for improving the health literacy level of citizens. Recently, netrix intelligent interactive tablet was introduced into the health care office of the social health center of Shenzhen Bao’an Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to help the transformation and upgrading of the health care office and greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical services.

Relying on netrix, medical staff can update and access the patient’s electronic medical record and medical order information in real time, so as to quickly understand the patient’s situation, make accurate diagnosis, and reduce the misdiagnosis and misjudgment caused by not understanding the patient’s past treatment records. Nurses on duty can also share and retrieve nursing information in real time to greatly improve nursing efficiency.

In the process of disease analysis or diagnosis and treatment training, netrix’s wireless screen transmission function can help doctors quickly cast computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices onto the conference tablet, and immediately start the intelligent conference, which is convenient and efficient. If a variety of disease information is displayed at the same time, the four screen synchronous display can be realized through the four screen function of netrix to help doctors make treatment plans efficiently. At the same time, through the functions of intelligent writing, multi touch and flexible annotation, doctors can enlarge, mark and record the key information at any time, so that the key and difficult information in the medical record can be seen at a glance. Moreover, after the meeting, the meeting records can be downloaded and saved by one click code scanning, which greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting.

In addition, with the help of netrix’s remote video conference function, the remote consultation can be realized, and the annotation content can be transmitted to all the remote participants in real time.

Netrix enters Shenzhen famous traditional Chinese Medicine Museum

Old TCM & new technology brings new experience of TCM service

“Huangdi Neijing” said: “Shanggong treat disease, do not treat already sick, this is also called. At present, the rapid pace of urban life makes people in a sub-health state for a long time. Preventive treatment of diseases has become a healthy way in the new era, and traditional Chinese medicine museums have sprung up.

The traditional Chinese Medicine Museum mainly provides acupuncture, massage, cupping, scraping and other TCM diagnosis and treatment services. The determination of acupoints and the operation of TCM treatment techniques are very particular. Once the operation is wrong, it will cause harm to the body and even endanger life. Shenzhen Bao’an Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (Group) has a strong cultural heritage of traditional Chinese medicine and a team of famous TCM experts, providing citizens with high-quality, traditional, high-level and highly effective clinical services of traditional Chinese medicine.

Netrix intelligent interactive tablet not only provides better diagnosis and treatment conditions for famous Chinese medicine, but also makes the public feel more convenient and comfortable treatment experience. Netrix’s 4K high-definition large screen and 450nit’s highlight anti glare screen can show the human acupoint map more clearly and delicately, and can show more details through unlimited zoom in, zoom out, mobile and other functions, so as to provide the display basis for accurately determining acupoints and the operation of traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods, so that the public can enjoy the new experience of traditional Chinese medicine health diagnosis and treatment services.

Not long ago, NEC medical display won four top three hospitals by virtue of its professional and accurate display and excellent and stable performance. This time, netrix intelligent interactive tablet has entered the social health center and famous traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Shenzhen Bao’an traditional Chinese medicine hospital (Group), which fully demonstrates NEC’s strong brand strength and high customer recognition. Netrix intelligent interactive tablet, which inherits NEC’s century old ingenuity and more than 40 years of display technology, benefits from flexible intelligent writing, excellent 4K high-definition display, efficient wireless projection and smooth remote video conference and other excellent performance, will actively help the transformation of hospital digital information.

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