In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has made great achievements, and biometric technology has also ushered in a period of development opportunities. Both technology and market have made great progress. In this field, in addition to face recognition and fingerprint recognition, finger vein recognition has also begun to develop.

Finger vein technology tends to mature

Compared with other biometrics, finger vein recognition has its own advantages. As a biometric feature that can identify a person’s identity, digital vein is stable and unique. It is reported that the probability that the distribution characteristics of digital vein of an adult will remain unchanged for life and the structure of finger vein of two people is exactly the same is 1 in 3.4 billion. The finger vein is distributed under the skin, not only the shape is complex, but also the heme in the finger absorbs near-infrared light to form vein image, which will not be easily obtained in daily life. In addition, after the finger is separated from the human body, the blood characteristics in the vein will also change, which cannot be verified. Therefore, finger vein recognition is safe and accurate.

The accuracy of finger vein recognition technology is also high. As early as 2017, Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology has developed a middle school identification system. The subjects only need to put their fingers on the recognizer to complete the matching in just 70 milliseconds, and the accuracy rate is 100 times higher than that of traditional fingerprint identification.

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The application market is expanding rapidly

Of course, no matter how accurate a technology is, only when it is applied to people’s life can its value be realized. In terms of application, finger vein recognition technology is also accelerating the expansion.

In China, a well-known application of finger vein recognition is examination. In order to maintain fairness, our country began to use finger vein recognition technology in college entrance examination, CET-4 and CET-6, in order to prevent the phenomenon of “substitute examination”.

In the field of security, finger vein recognition technology is used in many scenes that need higher standards. Finger vein recognition technology is also gradually popularized in intelligent lock, intelligent building, access control system and other corpse protection places, and many security enterprises are actively developing this technology.

Finger vein recognition technology is also used in the financial field which requires high security. It is reported that the UK has launched a finger vein payment service to make it more convenient for people to buy.

In recent years, in order to ensure the accuracy and convenience of the information verification of the insured, the social security system also began to use finger vein identification to avoid the illegal operation of the agencies and related personnel, effectively prevent the false claim behavior, and help to establish an effective mechanism from post-processing to active prevention, from human-oriented management to system management.

There is still a lot of room for development

Compared with other recognition technologies, finger vein recognition and medical development are synchronous. It was only gradually used around 2000, and the user’s cognition of this technology is relatively late. Therefore, although more and more users in the professional field have seen the potential of finger vein recognition technology, their daily life is still in the initial stage, and compared with developed countries, finger vein recognition technology in China is still in its infancy The permeability of various fields is still low.

However, digital vein recognition has the triple advantages of security, stability and uniqueness, and can reasonably predict that the technology has a very good development opportunity in the future. In addition to the national policy support, the number of enterprises in finger vein identification industry will increase rapidly in the future.

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