When the computer can’t enter the system because of the high temperature of CPU or the hardware problem, and the third-party software can’t check the temperature of CPU, we can also use the second method, that is, enter Bois to check the temperature of CPU.

If there is a computer crash can not enter the system, or the computer system blue screen, how to check whether the internal computer hardware temperature is too high caused? This can’t be checked by software, but we can check the health and temperature of the computer hardware in the power in the computer BIOS settings.

The method is as follows: start the computer — enter Bois (most computers can enter Bois by pressing the Del key all the time after starting the computer, if not, refer to your motherboard reference book) — select the power menu — PC health to view the current processor and other hardware temperature.

Different motherboards have different temperature measurement methods, even motherboards of the same brand and model, because of the difference in the distance between the temperature probe and the CPU, the measured temperature will vary greatly. Therefore, it is unscientific to say how much temperature is safe in general. But it’s still very important for our reference. Through the above methods can easily guide the temperature of the CPU, then how much of the CPU temperature is normal? Let’s get to the point.

How much is the temperature of computer CPU normal

In general, according to master Lu’s tips, the maximum temperature of CPU should not exceed 85 degrees, and it is considered safe to control the temperature below 75 degrees. If the temperature exceeds 80 degrees, it is easy to cause the computer to crash or shut down automatically, which belongs to the poor heat dissipation of the computer. The problem that causes the high temperature of the computer is generally the problem of heat dissipation. For example, the temperature of the CPU of the general notebook computer is obviously higher than that of the CPU of the desktop computer. The main reason is that the notebook is affected by its small size. Next, we will briefly introduce the factors that cause the high temperature of computer CPU.

1: Ambient temperature

CPU temperature has a lot to do with the ambient temperature. It will be higher in summer. Generally, when the CPU is idle, the temperature is at 50 ℃ ° Within, busy 65 ° 75% at full speed ° So we suggest that the environment temperature in summer is too high, and the computer should not be on for a long time, so as not to affect the CPU life; In winter, because the environment temperature is very low, we will find that the CPU temperature is generally controlled at about 30 degrees,. If the CPU temperature is too high, it will cause restart or blue screen crash.

2: CPU fan quality and host environment

If the quality of CPU cooling fan is very poor and the speed is very slow, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation of CPU, resulting in high temperature of CPU. At the same time, if the design of the air duct of the mainframe chassis is unreasonable, the internal hot air can not be discharged in time, which will also lead to high temperature of CPU. Therefore, it is recommended that the chassis and CPU fan should also be considered when purchasing computers.

3: Overclocking

If the computer needs to overclock, it needs to increase the working voltage of CPU. The increase of working voltage will certainly cause the increase of power consumption and the natural increase of calorific value. Once the calorific value and heat dissipation tend to balance, the temperature will no longer rise. The calorific value is determined by the power of CPU, and the power is proportional to the voltage. Therefore, to control the temperature well, it is necessary to control the core voltage of CPU. But if the voltage is too low, it will be unstable, especially when the overclocking amplitude is large. Most of the time, when the CPU temperature does not reach the critical value, the system restarts in blue screen. At this time, the main factor affecting the stability of the system is not the temperature, but the voltage. So how to set the voltage is very important in the limit of overclocking. If it is set high, the radiator will not survive, if it is set low, the CPU will not survive. Therefore, the general editor does not recommend you to use the overclocking technology.


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