Can LCD TV display screen be repaired

LCD TV screen broken can repair, mainly depends on where the damage is, if the LCD screen glass is broken, it can not be repaired. Can only go to replace the screen, but the cost of replacing the screen is very expensive, there is no need, if the glass is broken, you can repair… The LCD screen price of LCD TV is 70% of that of LCD TV. The manufacturer who is naturally damaged within the warranty period will be replaced free of charge. After the warranty period or artificial damage, there is no repair value, because the maintenance price can buy a new screen.

How much does LCD TV need to change the screen

If the LCD screen is broken, the best way is to replace it with a new one. However, it needs to be replaced by the TV manufacturer. The main reason is that the screen size, specification and model of the LCD TV, as well as whether the backlight uses LED, or lamp tubes, and the number of lamps, etc., are different. Generally, there is no ready-made screen to replace in the daily household appliance maintenance department. The price of the screen accounts for nearly 70% of the price of the whole machine. If you buy it for 3000 yuan, the price for changing the screen is about 2000 yuan. Now, the price for changing the screen in the market is 1300 yuan for 42 inches, 1500 yuan for 47 inches, and 1700 yuan for 50 inches. (the price is from the Internet and is only for consumers’ reference).

Fault diagnosis of LCD TV maintenance

1. In the process of using LCD TV, if there is no sound and image when the TV is turned on, and the power light of the TV will flash for a long time, and the TV will flash white light at the moment of startup. At this time, the fault of the TV should be that the backlight driver board of the TV is damaged, but it can not be ruled out that the problem is caused by the backlight tube of the TV.

2. After the TV is turned on, there is no sound, no image, and the power light is not on. The cause of this failure should be the power supply board, and then it may be caused by the CPU part of the TV set not working properly.

3. After the TV is turned on, the screen appears to be blurred, but the sound display of the TV is normal. The reason for this factor should be the poor digital board of the TV set, and the second factor should be the poor contact of the connecting wire in the machine.

4. The TV can’t be turned on after the lights flash. The fault diagnosis of LCD TV should be that the CPU bus of TV is not working properly or the IC of LCD TV is not in good contact.

LCD TV LCD screen maintenance

1. When the TV is full of speckles or regular vertical bars on the full screen, it is generally the problem with the buffer plate of the TV. When repairing the LCD TV, you can replace a pair of buffer plates, or measure which IC circuit fails, and then replace it.

2. The problem of LCD TV is dark band and line. When LCD TV has such problems, it can be summarized as the problem of TV display screen. The reason for this phenomenon may be that the TV temperature is too high, which leads to the disconnection of the connection point between the LCD TV and the screen. At this time, the LCD TV maintenance can be carried out The repair is carried out by ironing the flat head iron cushion with heat insulation medium.

3. LCD TV start-up related, but after a period of time, there is no light or sound, which is generally caused by the failure of the inverter circuit of the TV screen components. In addition, there are also TV high-voltage board protection due to the aging or damage of the TV light tube. At this time, when carrying out maintenance, you can use the method of canceling the average value on the high-voltage board to feed back to the circuit to determine whether there is a problem with the high-voltage board itself.

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