Home intelligent wiring generally has the following five ways:

1. Star connection 2. Bus connection 3. Power line carrier connection 4. Infrared connection (IR) 5. Wireless (RF) connection

1. From the perspective of stability, the star connection is the most stable and reliable, the bus connection is the second, the power line carrier connection is the second, the infrared connection (IR) is the second, and the wireless (RF) connection is the worst. The traditional security system adopts the star connection method, so it is also the most reliable.

Although the bus connection also needs wiring, when the number of points is large, the number is less than that of the star connection, and its reliability is generally acceptable. There are similar problems between power line carriers and wireless connections, mainly the interference between adjacent families. From a technical point of view, power line carriers can use isolation and other technologies to solve the problem of mutual interference. The interference between them is relatively difficult. Generally, only frequency hopping technology can be used to solve the problem. In addition, wireless also has power supply problems. Therefore, wireless should be a secondary solution in home intelligence, especially in security systems.

Second, from a market perspective. There are three markets for home intelligence: the newly built residential community market, the personal home improvement market, and the old house renovation market.

Newly built residential areas generally take the community as a unit and require networked alarms and information interaction. The realization of intelligence in the construction of the community should not be based on the complexity of the wiring, but the reliability as the first requirement. The entire realization of intelligence in a community, even if there is a problem, is the total number of problems multiplied by the number of households. It is generally not too complicated to realize home intelligence in a community, otherwise acceptance and maintenance will be a big problem. Therefore, the realization of intelligence in the community should be dominated by star connections. The personal home improvement market requires more personalized home intelligence functions, but there is no requirement for networking. Since personal home improvement is generally promoted by decoration companies, the sales that can be achieved are relatively high, so there are generally more functional requirements within the home, and the number of points achieved is correspondingly more. At this time, the reliability of the system is also required for scalability. Since wiring is not a big problem at this time, the home improvement market should try to use two methods of star and bus. In the old house renovation market, the general requirement for wiring is to minimize wiring as the first priority. At this time, the two wiring methods of star and bus sometimes seem inadequate. Therefore, power line carrier and wireless should be the main connection methods in the old house renovation market.

Third, as an actual home intelligent system, the best solution should be a solution that can be mixed with various wiring methods.

For example, the security adopts the star connection method as much as possible, and can also use the bus method or wireless method as a supplement. Power line carrier is difficult to use for the connection of security probes because it cannot solve the problem of signal transmission during power outages. Star connection is also the best solution for information cabling. The control of lights and electrical appliances other than information appliances such as air conditioners and rice cookers can be controlled by bus, power line, wireless or infrared.

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