China Mobile has been testing 4G networks in the laboratory since 2009, field tests in 2010-2011, commercial trials in 2012, and commercial use in 2013. Before we knew it, 4G networks have been with us for about 7 years.

It is also when the 4g network really arrives that we can truly feel the charm of the Internet, but in 2021, have you ever thought about how long our 4g will last without changing to 5g?

Comparing 4g network with 5g network, the traffic consumption is really too fast, I dare not use it

Although the 5g network is unstable, in 2021, the demand for 5g network will further increase. The unstable network can be replaced by the 4g network, but the high 5g package and the extreme traffic consumption are what 4g users are reluctant to upgrade. The essential.

The 5g network, which is 100 times faster and more than 1000 times faster than the 4g network, is simply a monster that devours traffic under the evil description of the user. Although the content can be downloaded quickly, the traffic cost is also seven times that of the 4g network. more than eight times.

For 4G users, it is still an extremely uneconomical thing to invest in a high-cost network to increase the speed. This requires the three major operators to consume as much traffic as they can, or even less traffic. .

But such a technology has never been implemented by an operator since it entered the 3G era, otherwise there would be no such strange thing as Baidu network disk. Even mobile phone manufacturers have their own network acceleration services, so the consumption of traffic is very low. I really don't want to change until the issue with the traffic tariff is resolved.

4g network jumped from 3g, what changes have been made

4G communication technology is based on 3G communication technology, which is continuously optimized, upgraded and innovatively developed. On the one hand, 4G network integrates the advantages of 3G communication technology. On the other hand, 4G network also derives a series of its own inherent characteristics. Technology is the focus of 4g network development.

If you compare the 4g network and the 3g network simply by downloading and uploading two key network nodes, whether it is quality restoration or speed assurance, the difference is particularly obvious.

First of all, 4G communication can basically realize the high-definition transmission of original pictures and original videos in the transmission of pictures and videos of mobile phones, and the transmission quality is comparable to that of computers. Therefore, QQ and WeChat can launch the function of sending original pictures. All are compressed by the program itself.

Secondly, after the popularization of 4G communication technology, the download speed of software, files, pictures, audio and video has also been greatly improved, and the maximum can reach a maximum of tens of megabytes per second, which is impossible for 3G communication technology. The consumption speed is calculated in kb.

If you are determined not to use 5g, how long can 4g be used, and can 4g users stick to it?

Under the circumstance that 5g is not very reliable, how long the 4g network can be used is a question that everyone is concerned about. Recently, the executives of China Telecom have stated that all energy will be placed on the construction of the 5g network, and the 4g network has stopped updating. , and even remove some base stations.

In December 2020, the three major operators are already focusing on shutting down the services of some 2g base stations. It is expected that they will be basically shut down in January 2021. At the same time, the 3g network has also entered the countdown to the dismantling of the three major operators, which is indeed very fast. quick.

On the one hand, the 2g base station and 3g base station have just entered the countdown, on the other hand, the upgrade of the 4g base station has stopped, which means that the 4g network we can experience is already in the best state. getting worse.

Therefore, 4g netizens want to keep 4g network for a long time, and it is still impossible to refuse 5g. The three major operators will not make you feel good, so you should also aim for a good 5g mobile phone and be ready to be a 5g citizen. .

6g is coming, should we continue to upgrade? Will 5g continue to be dismantled?

The 6g problem that has been taken into consideration has been considered farther. As far as the current situation is concerned, the 6g network is coming, and we are also using the 5g network. The 5g base station will not be dismantled, and the network speed will not be affected.

The main reason is that the 6g network is actually a combination of a space satellite and a 5g base station on the ground. Building a three-dimensional network system between the ground and the sky has little to do with the daily life of the people.

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