How long is the life of solar street lamp

With the vigorous development of new rural construction, the sales of solar street lamps are rising rapidly. Many rural areas regard solar street lamps as an important choice for outdoor lighting. But there are still many people worried about its service life. They think it is a new product with immature technology and short service life. Even if solar street lamp manufacturers give a three-year warranty, there are still many people worried about it. Today, the technicians of solar street lamp manufacturers will take you to scientifically analyze how long the service life of solar street lamp can be.

Solar street lamp is an independent power generation lighting system, which is composed of battery, street lamp pole, LED lamps, battery panel, solar street lamp controller and other components. There is no need to connect the power supply. During the day, the solar panel converts the light energy into electric energy and stores it in the solar battery. At night, the battery supplies power to the LED light source to make it glow.

1. Solar panels

As we all know, the solar panel is the power generation equipment of the whole system. It is composed of silicon wafers and has a long service life of about 20 years.

2. LED light source

LED light source is composed of at least dozens of lamp beads containing LED chips, the theoretical life is 50000 hours, and the normal life is about 10 years.

3. Street lamp pole

The street lamp pole is made of Q235 steel. It is hot-dip galvanized as a whole. The hot-dip galvanized has strong anti rust and anti-corrosion ability, so at least 15 stainless steel bars are guaranteed.

4. Battery

At present, the main batteries used in domestic solar street lamps are gel maintenance free batteries and lithium batteries. The service life of gel battery is 6 to 8 years, and that of lithium battery is 3 to 5 years. Some manufacturers guarantee the service life of colloidal batteries for 8 to 10 years, and lithium batteries for at least 5 years, which is full of exaggeration. In normal use, it is time to replace the battery in three to five years, because the actual capacity of the battery in three to five years is much lower than the initial capacity, which affects the lighting effect. The price of replacing a battery is not too high, so you can buy it from the solar street lamp manufacturer.

5. Controller

General controller waterproof sealing level is higher, normal use 5, 6 years is no problem.

Generally speaking, the key to affect the service life of solar street lamp is the battery. When purchasing solar street lamp, it is suggested that the battery should be configured larger. The battery life is the cycle discharge life, and the complete discharge is about 400 to 700 times. If the capacity of the battery is only enough to discharge electricity every day, the battery is easy to be damaged, but the battery life is not good The capacity is several times of the daily discharge, which means that only a few days can there be a cycle, which greatly increases the life of the battery, and the capacity of the battery is several times of the daily discharge, which can ensure a longer continuous rainy days.

The service life of solar street lamp also lies in the necessary maintenance at ordinary times. In the initial stage of installation, we should strictly follow the construction standards, and try our best to reasonably match the configuration, so as to increase the capacity of battery, so as to extend the service life of solar street lamp.

How long does solar street lamp last_ Benefits of solar street lamp

Benefits of solar street lamp

With the development of the new era and the progress of science and technology, many new energy sources are constantly being researched and developed. Solar energy has become a very popular new energy, because for us, the energy of the sun is inexhaustible. This kind of clean and pollution-free environmental protection energy can really bring great benefits to our lives. Now there are many applications of solar energy, and the application of solar street lamp is one of them. Let’s take a look at the benefits of solar street lamp.

1. Green energy saving

The biggest advantage of solar street lamp is energy saving, which is why the public are more willing to accept this new product. This kind of product, which can convert the sunlight in nature into its own energy, can indeed reduce a lot of power consumption. Now after the development of urban construction, the investment of street lamps is also more. The application of solar street lamps saves a considerable amount of electric energy for the country every day.

2. Safe, stable and reliable

It’s very safe. Before, there were many hidden problems of city street lamps, some of which were due to the substandard construction quality, some were due to the aging of materials, or the abnormal power supply and other reasons. However, we have to admit that the street lamps supplied by power consumption did bring a certain bad impact on people’s life. Solar street lamp is a kind of product that does not need to use alternating current. It uses high-tech batteries that can absorb solar energy and automatically convert it into the required electric energy. It has very high safety performance.

3. Green environmental protection

Many people will doubt whether this kind of product through solar energy will produce some polluting elements in the process of transformation. Science has proved that solar street lamps do not release any polluting elements in the whole process of transformation. And there is no radiation and other problems. It is a product that fully conforms to the current concept of green environmental protection.

4. Durable and practical

In fact, the quality of many electric street lamps is not good, because they have been exposed to the air for a long time and suffer from the bad weather, so their lines, lampshades and even bulbs will be greatly affected. At present, this kind of solar street lamp is developed with high-tech and technology. Its solar cells are made with good technology that can ensure that the performance will not be reduced for more than 10 years. Some high-quality solar modules can even generate electricity for more than 25 years.

5. Low maintenance cost

With the continuous expansion of urban construction, many remote areas also have street lamps and other equipment. At that time, in those relatively remote small places, if there are problems in power generation or power transmission, the maintenance cost is very high, not to mention the popularity of street lamps in recent years, so we can often see that the street lamps in rural areas are always very economical. Now this kind of solar street lamp only needs to be checked in a fixed time, which can be referred to “work items to be checked after the installation of solar street lamp”. The maintenance cost of solar street lamp is very low compared with ordinary street lamp.

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