Not long ago, Tencent Music Entertainment Group released a long-audio strategy and launched a new long-audio product "Kuwo ChangTing". Audio platforms such as Himalaya, Litchi FM, and Dragonfly FM are also actively adding long audio. Experts suggest that after the user training is completed, the audio platform should continue to cultivate content resources. Starting from the aspects of capital, traffic and entrepreneurial incubation, we will fully support audio content entrepreneurs and create more high-quality works.

According to data released by iiMedia Research, it is estimated that my country's audiobook market will reach 8.21 billion yuan in 2020. At the same time, about 10% of users are willing to spend 5 yuan or less for an audiobook. With the booming development of audiobooks today, long audio is likely to become another outlet for "paying for knowledge". With the accelerated entry of large audio platforms and the continuous expansion of the market, the most worthy of attention is not "how the market develops", but "how to protect copyright".

Recently, the "new contract" incident of China Literature Group has caused a shock in the online literature circle. Some web writers initiated the "55 Breaks", which made the public see the increasing awareness of content creators' rights protection. In the era of knowledge payment, the issue of copyright protection is a hurdle that cannot be avoided. The vigorous development of cultural undertakings can neither and should not follow the path of "first talk about development, then talk about protection". If the long audio industry wants to continue to stimulate the creative power of content creators, it is necessary to increase the copyright protection in advance.

There is a view that the legal attributes of long audio should be analyzed according to its originality, but the legal relationship of long audio authorization chain is complicated, and the definition of long audio copyright and adjacent rights based on current regulations is also relatively vague. How long audio creators use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests is a worrying issue at the moment.

At present, large-scale audio platforms are accelerating the deployment of long-term audio strategies to attract creators. If there is a long-term lack of legal protection, when the boundaries of the future industry pattern are clear or a monopoly situation is formed, long-audio creators may become the target of platform exploitation. For example, selling the creator's voice data at will; for example, restricting the creator's participation in the reading and creation of other written works; for example, forcing most of the creator's income, etc.

Whether it is a reader of other people's works or an audio creator of his own work, I believe that they have invested a lot of time, energy and emotion in the creation of long audio. Long audio is also the result of the creator's intellectual labor, and should be fully and effectively protected.

In the face of future long-audio copyright protection issues, it is recommended that relevant copyright protection departments conduct research on the problem in advance, increase the publicity of copyright protection awareness, and avoid infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of long-audio creators. At the same time, it is recommended that the majority of long audio creators can spontaneously establish non-governmental organizations, refer to the Writers Association, Painters Association, and Photographers Association, and protect their rights and interests through the power of groups.

The influence of words on social thought is profound, and the influence of sound on social culture is also profound. In the multimedia era, massive sound information has entered thousands of households through the interpretation of content creators, and its influence is no less than that of novels, essays, live broadcasts or short videos. Increasing copyright protection for long audio creations is a "rigorous need" to promote social and cultural development.

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