LED dimming power supply: also known as LED segment dimming power supply, LED strip dimming power supply, LED light strip dimming power supply or Bluetooth segment timing dimming power supply. It is a multifunctional power transformer with functions such as timing switch, manual dimming, automatic timing dimming, and voltage transformation.

Bluetooth segmented timing dimming power supply: connect to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and use the WeChat applet to wirelessly control the power supply within a range of 15 meters. The power supply can set 30 groups of automatic dimming time periods, which can manually and automatically adjust the brightness of one lamp independently, and can also control the brightness of multiple lamps at the same time.

How is the LED subdivision dimming power supply dimming?

1. After the dimming power supply is powered on, turn on the Bluetooth and location information of the mobile phone.

2. Scan the QR code on the power supply on WeChat to enter the applet, click the name of the power supply, and enter the password (initial password 666666) to enter the control panel.

3. Manual brightness adjustment: Slide the brightness bar to manually adjust the brightness.

4. Segment timing dimming: Click to add timing, set the week, hour, minute, brightness, and click OK.

5. After confirming that the timing dimming information is correct, click to save the settings.

Remarks: 1. The automatic timing time is set in groups. For example, the brightness at 9 o’clock is 80%, and the brightness at 22 o’clock is 30%. 9 points brightness is 30%.

2. When the brightness is adjusted to 0%, the light is turned off.

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong

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