Industrial Internet is a new stage of Internet development. Driven by the wave of industry 4.0, it has ushered in vigorous development and attracted much attention from all parties. No matter Internet enterprises, industrial manufacturing enterprises or financial institutions, they have made layout in the field of industrial Internet. It further promoted the excellent performance of the industrial Internet concept stock market, especially on February 26, many stocks showed signs of trading, including Yitong century, Qiming information, etc. Industrial Internet is an important tool for the transformation and upgrading of industrial manufacturing enterprises. With the support of industrial policies, China will usher in a huge market scale of industrial Internet in the future and promote the rapid development of industrial chain.

Increased policy support

After China launched the top-level plan of industrial Internet at the end of 2017, it once again focused on the industrial Internet. With regard to the resumption of work and production, on February 22, the Ministry of industry and information technology stressed to accelerate the integrated application of “5g + industrial Internet”. On February 25, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the pilot demonstration project of industrial Internet in 2019. It can be seen that the state attaches great importance to the development of industrial Internet. In the fission period of industrial digital transformation, it will promote enterprises to increase the proportion of information investment. At the same time, it is also an important impetus to the development of science and technology industry.

The development of industrial Internet will usher in substantial landing. Securities analysts believe that the integration of 5g and industrial Internet will accelerate the landing speed in manufacturing and other fields. 5g, as the latest generation of information and communication technology, and the key infrastructure of intelligent manufacturing is the industrial Internet. They will become an important driving force for the digital transformation of traditional industries and promote the efficiency of entity enterprises. The digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of industrial manufacturing enterprises will also be from point to area, and the kinetic energy caused will be gradually released. In addition, the rapid development of 5g will promote the iterative upgrading of consumer products, change industrial data acquisition and data analysis, and improve the feasibility of industrial interconnection in industrial field application.

Layout around four aspects

With regard to the development of the industrial Internet industry, in fact, the new business model generated by it is still being explored, but it has attracted much attention, including enterprises, industrial software providers, equipment manufacturers, operators and third-party service providers to accelerate the layout. Driven by favorable policies and concerted efforts, the industrial Internet track will usher in a blue ocean in the future.

In terms of investment opportunities, at present, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are moving towards digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing. In this process, industrial software and solution suppliers will usher in development opportunities, which is expected to be comparable with foreign industry leaders. Judging from the current development situation of the industrial Internet industry, the acceleration will be accelerated under the policy support. The layout can be accelerated from four aspects: industrial software / platform, equipment, information security and data / flow.

Industrial Internet enables industry through it technology to realize the effective integration of OT and it. For ot industrial control, we can start from these three aspects: first, the basis of digitization is automation, and its ability improvement will contribute to the sales of industrial control components, including Huichuan technology and Xinjie electric, leading enterprises in the industry. The second is the industrial Internet platform with downstream characteristic applications, including Zhiguang electric, Haide control and other enterprises. Third, enterprises that apply innovation ability in a single field of industrial Internet, such as Wolong Electric drive.

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