“As an enterprise, everything is empty if it cannot survive, no matter how big its ideal is!” On April 26, at the 19th Huawei global analyst conference, Huawei Chairman Hu houkun once again talked about the need for Huawei to survive with quality.

The analysts’ conference was conducted by combining online and offline. Hundreds of participants came to the main venue in Shenzhen. Global industry analysts, financial analysts, opinion leaders and the media jointly discussed future trends and industrial development strategies.

“Although there is still a shortage of chips, Huawei has not built its own chip factory at present, because we believe that there are requirements for industrial division of labor.”. Hu houkun responded to Huawei’s current biggest threat factors.

At the same time, Hu houkun and other Huawei executives responded one by one to Huawei’s newly established ten industry “legions”, smart cars, metauniverse and the hot topic of global recruitment of talented young people.

For the direction of 2022, “the business policy established by Huawei this year is to survive with quality.” Hu houkun said. The key to Huawei’s future is to continue to strengthen its innovation capability, and firmly grasp the two major opportunities for the digitalization and intelligent development of thousands of industries and industries, as well as the low-carbon development of human society.

Not alive. Everything is empty

Affected by geographical conflicts and global epidemics, Huawei faces many difficulties.

On March 28, the latest 2021 annual report disclosed by Huawei showed that in 2021, Huawei achieved a total revenue of 636.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 28.6%, but its net profit increased by 75.9% year-on-year to 113.7 billion yuan.

Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei, once said at the performance meeting that although Huawei’s scale has become smaller, its profitability and cash flow acquisition ability are increasing, the company’s ability to cope with uncertainty is improving, and the toughness and flexibility of the overall financial structure are strengthening.

“This year, Huawei’s business policy is to live with quality. This year, Huawei faces no less difficulties, but more new challenges such as geographical conflicts, global epidemics and global inflation.” When talking about Huawei’s overall strategy, Hu houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, said that Huawei should first survive this year, but pay attention to the quality of life.

How to improve the living quality? Hu houkun explained three points:

The first is to ensure that the quality of products and services provided to customers cannot go wrong;

The second is that Huawei’s stable operation focuses on the quality of transactions. Businesses that cannot achieve quality development may be closed. As an enterprise, everything is empty if it cannot survive. It is required that every business should achieve quality development;

Thirdly, facing the future, we will continue to invest in talents and funds.

Using global talented teenagers to solve global problems

It is well known that Huawei attaches importance to R & D and innovation in the industry.

In 2021, Huawei’s R & D investment reached 142.7 billion yuan, ranking second in the world, accounting for 22.4% of the annual revenue. The cumulative R & D investment over the past 10 years exceeded 845billion yuan. In 2021, there will be about 107000 people engaged in research and development, accounting for about 54.8% of the total number of people in the company.

“In recent years, although Huawei has faced operational difficulties, its investment in research and development has not decreased, but has increased. Its revenue has increased from 10% in the past year to 22% last year.” Hu houkun said,

On the other hand, innovation is also highly dependent on talents. Hu houkun said that Huawei hopes to use world-class problems to attract world-class talents to jointly meet challenges and promote scientific and technological progress.

It is worth mentioning that on April 25, the news of Huawei’s global recruitment of talented young people brushed the screen again, and mentioned that it wanted to recruit talents in the fields of digital, computer, physics, materials, chips, intelligent manufacturing, chemistry and so on at a salary of 5 times +.

In this regard, Hu houkun said that Huawei once again recruits talented young people from all over the world, regardless of nationality, major or institution. As long as they have a dream for the future and believe in their ability, they will boldly join Huawei. Huawei provides the world’s most difficult topics, powerful platforms and sufficient resources to support talented people to explore.

For the 5x + salary mentioned in the recruitment advertisement? In this regard, Hu houkun said with a smile, “this itself is full of imagination.”

There is no self built chip factory, looking at the decline of mobile phone business from a new perspective

Chip outage is an important factor threatening Huawei’s current development. In response to media questions, Hu houkun admitted that Huawei has not built its own chip factory at present, and believes that the division of labor in the industry has its own requirements.

Wang Tao, executive director of Huawei and director of ICT infrastructure business management committee, also said that in recent years, due to the epidemic and geopolitical reasons, the global unified industrial chain has been broken, and there is a shortage of chips. What you see is a chip. In fact, the semiconductor industry chain is very long. Only by relying on a unified global supply chain can we solve the chip problem. Decoupling and splitting in various regions will increase costs and slow industrial progress.

It is worth noting that the limited chip supply is actually a direct factor leading to the sharp decline of Huawei’s mobile phone business, which also led to a sharp decline in the overall operating income of Huawei’s consumer business in 2021.

On April 20, yuchengdong, the managing director of Huawei, announced that it would rename the consumer business terminal business. In the past, this business has been dominated by smart phones.

At this analyst conference, Hu houkun said, “the challenges encountered in mobile phones just give us an opportunity to think about how Huawei’s terminal business should be done.”.

Hu houkun believes that terminals are not only mobile phones. When users are surrounded by more and more electronic devices, they need not more terminals, but more intelligent experiences, that is, people-centered whole scene intelligent experiences. This is also the innovation focus of Huawei terminals.

Hu houkun said that Huawei is focusing on more scenarios to create new experiences for users through diversified terminals, cloud services and more and more partner ecosystems, including five scenarios: smart office, sports and health, video and entertainment, smart home and smart travel.

Huawei Corps understands the most difficult problems in an industry

On March 30 this year, Huawei established the second batch of legions, including ten legions in total, including power digitalization legion, all in one government Netcom legion, airport and rail legion, interactive media legion, sports health legion, etc. Hu houkun explained the concept of “Huawei corps” at the meeting.

Hu houkun said that the establishment of the Corps actually came from an embarrassment faced by Huawei. In the practice of helping customers’ digital transformation, Huawei found that customers have many problems. Huawei has many technologies, but these technologies can not be well matched and can not solve customers’ problems. The specific problem is that the existing technology can not meet the needs of customers. Even if some customers want to use it, they can not effectively combine it to form a solution.

Hu houkun said that inspired by some management ideas of Google, Ren Zhengfei, the founder, was named Huawei Corps. In short, this is an integrated team. It has not only sales, but also demand management, industry solution development, ecological cooperation and services. The characteristic is that each team has a thorough understanding of a specific industry and solves the most difficult problems for customers.

Hu houkun said that through this new organizational operation mode, Huawei can shorten the management chain vertically, so that product research and development can better respond to customer needs; Horizontally, it helps Huawei quickly integrate resources, identify key business scenarios, and integrate the products and capabilities of Huawei and its partners to form targeted solutions.

For example, the coal industry is currently the first corps of Huawei. It develops the operating system of the coal industry for Hongmeng system to solve the problem that terminals in the coal industry cannot be interconnected. Hu houkun said, “the Legion will not solve all the problems in the industry, but only the most difficult and critical problems in the industry. The Legion’s attempt is just beginning. I hope customers and partners will give more patience and support. Huawei may fail because Huawei is a technology limited company, not a technology unlimited company.”

New smart cars will be released this year

Automobile is a topic that Huawei cannot avoid. “Huawei is, after all, a new entrant in the field of intelligent vehicles, and may make some mistakes. I hope that all walks of life will give more tolerance.” Hu houkun said that this year Huawei will release new intelligent vehicles, including models of intelligent selection mode and inside mode.

At the same time, Huawei’s positioning for the smart car business is very clear, that is, it does not build cars and helps car companies build good cars. At the same time, it fully opens the consumer oriented channels formed by Huawei in the past years to help willing car companies sell good cars.

It is understood that in the field of smart cars, Huawei began to export smart car solutions and software and hardware products through cooperation with car companies last year. At the performance presentation meeting held this year, Huawei once again stressed that Huawei will not build cars and will help car companies build and sell cars. At present, more than 300 partners have cooperated with Huawei in the automotive field.

Back now, Hu houkun said that at present, Huawei has a clearer understanding of the industry trend in which the intelligent automobile business is located. Huawei is increasingly aware that the automobile or travel industry has reached a turning point, and the driving factor is the new four modernizations.

“The four modernizations mean that the huge travel industry is facing transformation. At this time, digital technology must be the key transformation technology. Therefore, Huawei can certainly create value in the transformation of ICT technology or electronic power technology in the future automotive industry in the past three decades.” Hu houkun believes that based on such positioning and business strategy, Huawei’s intelligent automobile business will focus on several key subsystems, such as intelligent electric, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent networking, etc., create relevant solutions, and open up industrial chain partners.

Yuancosmos is still in the hype period, and its essence is fusion

Since this year, metauniverse has been a hot topic. As a technology company, how does Huawei view it?

Hu houkun said that the meta universe is a hot topic, but it is also very big. The meta universe is still in the hype period. The essence of the metauniverse is fusion.

He believes that this fusion of the meta universe also means the digitalization of the physical world and the Physicalization of the real world. This fusion is of practical significance. For example, digitalization can promote the integration of the physical world in a lower cost and efficient way. This process is of practical significance.

Hu houkun said that in terms of understanding the essence of the meta universe, we also need to understand that the value of the meta universe at the tob end may be greater than that at the TOC end in the future, and the value at the tob end should be paid attention to.

Hu houkun believes that from the perspective of Huawei, yuanuniverse has something to do with the development of Huawei’s cloud, terminal and other services.

Wang Tao, executive director of Huawei and director of the ICT infrastructure business management committee, introduced at the meeting that Huawei has laid out its layout in the meta universe and made possible contributions to the development of the meta universe around the long-term focus on ICT infrastructure, cloud and intelligent terminals.

First of all, at the infrastructure level, the development of the meta universe needs the integration of the physical world and the real world, and it needs to be combined with connectors. Secondly, at the terminal layer, Huawei has mainly invested in mobile phones and other equipment to create relevant meta universe solutions. In addition, Huawei has also created relevant solutions on the application and creation platform. However, in any case, metauniverse is still in the early concept stage and positioning exploration stage. Huawei hopes to work with all walks of life to explore the application scenarios of metauniverse on the tob end.

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