On December 24, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the Shenzhen blockchain 50 index. On the same day, the application materials of Penghua Shenzhen Stock Exchange blockchain 50 trading open-end index securities investment fund were accepted. If successfully approved, it will become the first real blockchain theme fund in China. Industry insiders believe that in the future, with the implementation of such fund products, it will provide a new way for investors to share the development dividends of the blockchain industry.

The popularity of blockchain ETF in the future may not be inferior to 5getf

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the Shenzhen blockchain 50 index on December 24. As of December 25, the index closed red for two consecutive days, with a cumulative increase of 1.74%. According to the data, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange blockchain 50 index takes the companies whose business fields involve the upstream, middle and downstream of the blockchain industry in the listed companies of Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the sample space, including hardware equipment, technology and services, blockchain applications, etc. From the published index sample stocks, Ping An Bank (16.300, – 0.10, – 0.61%), Midea Group (57.200, 0.12, 0.21%), Zixin Pharmaceutical (6.160, 0.11, 1.82%), radio and television Express (9.230, 0.51, 5.85%), SF Holdings (37.900, – 0.49, – 1.28%), Suning Tesco (9.970, – 0.04, – 0.40%) are listed.

This year, the newly established share of equity funds reached a new high in recent four years, of which the hot ETF products contributed a lot. Zhang Ting, a researcher at GESHANG wealth, believes that blockchain ETF is scarce at present. If this product of Penghua Fund is first approved, then other companies will follow suit. The first mover advantage of thematic ETF funds is very important. At present, the development of blockchain field is still in the primary stage, and domestic companies are also in the growth stage. With the deepening of policy guidance and the maturity of such companies, the popularity of blockchain ETF may not be inferior to 5getf in the future.

According to the research of securities companies, after the Shenzhen Stock Exchange launches the blockchain 50 index, more new blockchain indexes and related theme fund products may be launched in the future to broaden the way for capital entry.

The fund manager of a Beijing fund company believes that there are many blockchain concept stocks in the market, which are easy to confuse fish with pearls, and individual investors should not blindly follow suit.

“The launch of relevant indexes gives investors new choices. In the future, they can obtain dividends from the development of blockchain industry through relevant theme funds.” Insiders said that the current market is still in the stage of not knowing much about blockchain. Many investors want to invest, but it is difficult to choose specific targets. The launch of blockchain ETF in the future will bring more convenient investment channels to investors. After all, holding ETF is equivalent to holding a package of blockchain related companies.

Blockchain application or speed up next year

According to choice data, 4321 institutions have participated in the research of 97 blockchain listed companies this year. Among them, Huayu software (26.090, 0.74, 2.92%), Suning Tesco, radio and television express and other 8 listed companies have hundreds of institutions’ attention. Many institutions believe that blockchain application is expected to speed up in 2020.

Dong Weiwei, fund manager of Everbright Prudential, said that as a distributed and highly secure underlying technology, blockchain has a wide application prospect in the industry and can be applied to many fields, such as digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and so on. Although blockchain technology still needs to be upgraded and iterated in hardware and software in the short term to reduce the application cost, its development prospect is worthy of long-term optimism. “From a longer time perspective, more bull stocks will appear on the technology track in the future. We will select some technology companies with prominent industry status and strong technical strength as the core configuration.” Dong Weiwei said.

According to the analysis of some institutions, there are many experimental application cases of blockchain technology in the fields of games, medical treatment, Internet of things, logistics, identity authentication and so on. It is expected that 2020 will be a year for the centralized implementation of blockchain applications. It is optimistic that blockchain technology will take the lead in the application of supply chain finance, copyright protection, legal deposit certificate, energy trading and other fields, Focus on blockchain platform technology service providers with independent control.

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