“Blockchain + urban public health platform is the first platform solution launched, and more high-profile products will be launched in the future.” Fan Jin, head of the Huobi China Industry Empowerment Center, said on February 28 that this time it was the first to launch The urban public health platform can realize the full cycle prevention and control of large public health events.

In the process of epidemic prevention and control, the application potential of blockchain technology in multi-party collaborative complex scenarios has begun to emerge. In order to further promote the rapid development of the real economy empowered by blockchain, Huobi China will successively launch ten standardized product solutions, covering urban public health, supply chain finance, point management, certificate deposit management and other fields.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, it showed a trend of rapid growth. Due to the untimely early warning of the source of the disease, isolated information islands, and difficulties in sharing patient information and medical information, the epidemic could not be quickly identified. Due to the great difficulty of accurate isolation and screening of suspected cases, the opaque distribution of information on the use of materials, and the untimely disclosure and update of information, it has caused great pressure from public opinion, and “public welfare and charity” has also attracted much attention.

“Creating a public health platform for data sharing, real-time monitoring and early warning, open and transparent information, and intelligent and credible urban health will effectively solve the above problems.” Fan Jin said that blockchain technology has natural advantages and can provide data sharing and Trust establishment provides underlying technical support.

At present, many places have begun to use blockchain technology to manage medical data, track the supply of virus prevention materials and provide consultation to the public. For example, Julu County of Hebei Province and Xinhuanet (25.180, -2.70, -9.68%) jointly launched a big data management platform for epidemic prevention and control, and blockchain technology platforms such as “Smart Linxiaoer” in Linfen Street, Shanghai have achieved remarkable results .

The urban public medical and health platform launched by Huobi China this time will take advantage of the advantages of blockchain technology and use the distributed network construction method to create a traceable blockchain trusted network, so that it can meet the needs of major public health emergencies and Daily urban medical and health needs. The platform will create application modules such as early warning of infectious diseases, traceability and control of epidemic transmission paths, material tracking and deployment, and information release according to different demand scenarios, so as to achieve rapid response, accurate prediction, real-time prevention and control, and efficient material allocation.

It is reported that Huobi China has initially cooperated with Jihong (38.200, -4.24, -9.99%) and plans to use this platform to enable the traceability and information on-chain of FMCG. At the same time, it also cooperates with Xingen Capital to empower this platform. To the management and operation of public affairs of local governments. In addition, the platform not only serves as a timely warning when an epidemic occurs, but also enables long-term real-time monitoring and rapid response to various infectious diseases.

Not long ago, Huobi China announced the launch of its self-developed blockchain BaaS platform, which will be used as a carrier to build a blockchain industry application ecological cluster and provide one-stop “blockchain + industry” services for enterprise customers. At present, the platform, as the underlying technical support, will play a greater role in the process of optimizing the public health system.

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