How does the servo system work

The control object of the servo drive system is the displacement and speed of the coordinate axis of the machine tool, and the actuator is the servo motor or stepping motor; the part that controls and amplifies the input command signal is called the servo amplifier (also known as the driver, servo unit, etc.), which is the core of the servo drive.

Servo system is essentially a servo system. Only the controlled variable is displacement or its derivative to time. If you want to ask what is a servo system, it is the output of a system to reproduce the input signal in the fastest and most accurate way. The indicators include overshoot and delay.

Servo system is an automatic control system which can make the position, orientation, state and other output controlled variables of the object follow the arbitrary change of the input target (or given value). The main task of servo is to amplify, transform and control the power according to the requirements of control command, so that the output torque, speed and position of the driving device can be controlled flexibly and conveniently.

The servo system mainly consists of three parts: controller, power driving device, feedback device and motor. The controller adjusts the control quantity according to the difference between the given value of the numerical control system and the actual operation value detected by the feedback device.

As the main circuit of the system, the power drive device, on the one hand, acts the electric energy in the power grid on the motor according to the size of the control quantity to adjust the torque of the motor; on the other hand, according to the requirements of the motor, converts the constant voltage and constant frequency power supply from the power grid into the AC or DC required by the motor; the motor drives the machine according to the size of the power supply.

What are the common servo systems

Servo system includes open loop, semi closed loop and closed loop.

On: only drive signal, no feedback signal.

Half closed: there is feedback signal, but no compensation.

Closed: there is feedback signal, at the same time, the feedback signal is compared with the driving signal, and then compensated.

It says position ring. Because ultimately in the mechanical system, the accuracy is reflected in the position deviation. Therefore, the open and closed loop and feedback of the whole machine are all aimed at the position loop.

At present, the servo motor has its own encoder, which is connected with the driver to detect the speed of the motor, and compare and adjust in the driver. This feedback is speed loop. The compensation is based on the motor speed. So such a system is called semi closed loop.

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