DC power testing can be performed in many scenarios and can also be applied in different fields. And what was the response to the test? Please follow Boyu Xunming to take a look!

According to the editor, DC power supply is a test product required by many factories and enterprises, because it is widely used, and can be tested in automotive electronic testing, dynamic testing, cables, circuit breakers, fuse current carrying capacity, etc.

The test instrument used this time is the DC power supply SP-1U/2U series of All-day Technology. Let's see how the tests react in different test environments.

DC Power Supplies for Automotive Electronics Testing

This series of power supplies has built-in standard automotive electronic test waveforms, which simulate the disturbance of power transients that may be often encountered by automotive electronic equipment during vehicle startup and operation. According to industry standards, this series of power supplies has built-in voltage curves under DIN40839 and ISO16750-2 standards, and is suitable for 12V and 24V test levels.

ISO16750-2 voltage drop at the moment of car start

ISO16750-2 automotive electronic reset performance test

ISO16750-2 Automotive Electronic Engine Startup Test

DIN40839 Automotive Electronic Engine Start Test

The above standard automotive electronic test waveforms are established under the built-in files of All-Tian Technology SP-1U/2U series LIST. Users can directly call or edit them according to their needs. All can be realized through the panel setting. If you need the host computer to automate the test and customize chemical test report, please contact our system integration department.

DC power supply for dynamic testing

The power module in electronic equipment needs to deal with various load conditions. On the contrary, the load needs a module power supply with good dynamic performance to adapt itself. In the design and development stage of the power unit of electronic products, a debugging power supply with good dynamic performance is required to simulate complex tests. Scenes. And this series of power supply is equipped with LIST waveform editing function and SEQUENCE waveform editing function.

LIST waveform editing function – pulse

The trend and duration of the output voltage change over time can be set to experiment with dynamic output mode.

LIST waveform editing function – slope

The rise and fall times of the output voltage can be set to reduce overshoot and drop.

SEQUENCE waveform editing function

This function is an upgraded version of LIST waveform editing. Each step of the file is a complete LIST file, and several different files can be combined and output to meet the dynamic testing requirements of relatively heavy loads.

The above waveform editing functions can meet different dynamic test requirements. The minimum time resolution of its setting time is 1ms, all of which can be realized through the panel setting.

Test power supply for current carrying capacity of cables, circuit breakers, fuses

Cables, circuit breakers, and fuses can be seen everywhere in electrical-related application scenarios such as scientific research institutes, factories, and home appliances. The specifications of cables, circuit breakers, and fuses are different depending on the power consumption.

Before cables, circuit breakers, and fuses are put on the market, manufacturers must test the current-carrying capacity. The design of the all-day DC power supply SP-1U/2U series has a short-circuit mode. After this function is turned on, the power supply will turn on the short-circuit protection function. off, so that the power supply can output rated current at very low voltage.

The cable is directly connected to the positive and negative terminals

The test method of direct short circuit still has requirements on the quality of the power supply, which needs attention.

With the timing output function of the power supply during cable testing, unattended testing can also be realized

Start timing after power output, stop output when time reaches 0

Combined with the current counter function when testing fuses and circuit breakers, you can test the fusing time.

Counter Resolution: 200ms

When the current reaches the fusing current Ib of the fuse, the timer starts, and the timer ends after it is disconnected~

The above is the test conducted by Boyu Xunming in different fields and test environments, using the DC power supply SP-1U/2U series of All Sky Technology. The powerful functions can be applied to any product, not only to protect product safety, but also to Better to do research and development, if you are interested in the test of DC power supply, you can contact Boyu Xunming to discuss the test plan together.

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong

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