With the construction of smart city and security in full swing, the construction of security in remote areas has also been put on the agenda. Under the special environment, how can embedded computers work. With the healthy development of the national economy as a whole, more and more attention has been paid to the infrastructure construction in remote areas such as Tibet and Xinjiang, especially the security industry. In the National Snow bright project, safe city and other project planning, the security construction project in remote areas has a lot of policy and financial support.

How does embedded computer help security construction in remote areas

The social environment and geographical environment of such areas bring restrictions to their economic development, which are also highlighted in the process of smart security construction. As an infrastructure project, it needs to be combined with the local environment and has strong compatibility. Security construction in the implementation process, mainly has the following difficulties, but also embedded computer hardware manufacturers need to create product solutions in the process, the key factors to solve.

Outdoor harsh environment, in Tibet, Xinjiang and other regions, the special geographical conditions of the region make many regions have the characteristics of low air pressure, wind and sun, dust, large temperature difference between day and night and so on. The security hardware that relies on it needs to have strong industrial level performance.

Scenario customization scheme. In special scenarios, the security scheme should be more customized. Considering the cost, performance, quality and other factors of the product scheme, it is necessary to create a suitable scheme according to the needs of specific scenarios, rather than simply considering the unlimited extension in the intelligent dimension, regardless of the specific needs and gradual development.

How does embedded computer help security construction in remote areas

High security solution, in addition to the geographical environment, the relative instability of some regional social environment, also means that the attack behavior of the security network system needs to be more effectively prevented. With the increasing amount of data information carried by security system, it is particularly important to build a safe and efficient security scheme. The factors involved in the construction process of security system in remote areas are complex and diverse, and its intelligent degree needs to be gradually promoted. In recent years, security monitoring has put forward new requirements for embedded hardware. After accurate market research and positioning, North China industrial control has launched a number of monitoring embedded computer solutions, which can make a great contribution.


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