If big data is applied in place, it will prevent the spread of epidemic situation to a great extent. Through data collection, processing and analysis of virus characteristics, transmission speed, development law, case symptoms and other information, it can be compared with other infectious disease viruses and treatment schemes, and master the initiative of epidemic prevention

Blockchain technology is not only applied in charitable donation tracking, epidemic tracking, medical data management, medical supplies and drug traceability, but also conducive to the accurate management and dynamic monitoring of community personnel flow in the process of community epidemic prevention and control

In the application of advanced scientific and technological means, we should also consider the following new legal relations and problems, and timely adjust the relevant legal system, so that the advanced scientific and technological means can better meet the requirements of the times

“The decision-making and execution ability of the epidemic prevention and control command system is the prerequisite and key link for the success of the defense war in Wuhan.” In recent days, Chen Yixin, deputy leader of the central steering group and Secretary General of the central political and Legal Commission, stressed that the command system should strengthen strategic planning and tactical implementation, build a big data platform, strengthen big data analysis, always have “numbers” in mind, establish and improve a powerful, orderly and effective command mechanism, and realize scientific, accurate and efficient epidemic prevention and control.

Recently, at a media briefing held by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Han Xia, director of the information and communication administration bureau of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that at present, three basic telecom enterprises provide users with their own “visit to the place within 14 days” service based on the authorization of users and the analysis of Telecom big data according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control. The service can help relevant departments improve the efficiency of itinerary inspection of mobile personnel, investigate key groups, implement accurate prevention and control, and help to do a good job in the current situation.

How does big data blockchain play its role in epidemic situation

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, advanced technology has been used more and more, and good results have been achieved.

Advanced technology for epidemic prevention

Greatly improve work efficiency

Xiao Dongmei (pseudonym) is a community worker, mainly responsible for the information registration of community residents. According to her introduction, previously, residents have been manually filling in relevant information.

“Manual filling is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also prone to errors. For example, residents may write wrong words or omit to fill in information, which leads us to encounter many difficulties in the later collation and summary. What’s more, it takes a lot of manpower to convert the paper text into the data on the computer, and the work pressure is great. ” Xiao Dongmei said.

In view of the above situation, Xiao Dongmei’s community has launched a wechat app. Residents can quickly fill in personal information such as “name, address, health status and contact information” on the pop-up electronic questionnaire by scanning the QR code on their mobile phones. There is no contact in the whole process to avoid cross infection.

In Xiao Dongmei’s view, this registration method effectively improves the efficiency of community epidemic investigation, “not only reduces the time of manual registration, but also the staff in the later stage do not have to input the data one by one, because all the data can be seen through the small program background”.

Since February 8, Xiao Dongmei’s community began to implement closed management. In order to ensure the safety of the community and reduce the queuing time of residents in and out of the community during peak hours, the community officially operated face recognition system.

“After the face recognition system is online, the registration and investigation time of individual residents is reduced to more than ten seconds. For some elderly people who are not very proficient in using mobile phones, face recognition is also more convenient and safe. ” Xiao Dongmei said.

In the aspect of epidemic prevention and control publicity, in addition to the traditional ways such as door-to-door persuasion, hanging banners and pasting posters, Xiao Dongmei’s community also used UAVs to repeatedly broadcast common sense of epidemic prevention and control, reminding residents in the community not to visit, wear masks and wash hands frequently.

“There are small speakers on the UAV, which can broadcast epidemic prevention and control knowledge anytime and anywhere. It can work all day, with high publicity efficiency and coverage, which can be heard by every resident.” Xiao Dongmei said.

According to Xiao Dongmei, the community also uses UAVs to carry out street disinfection work. The UAVs work once a day in the morning and evening, and can spray 500 square meters each time. Using UAV for disinfection not only has better effect than manual spraying, but also reduces the risk of cross infection caused by human contact and reduces the workload of cleaners.

With the resumption of work and production in full swing, subway stations and other places are undoubtedly the top priority in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Huang Qingshi (not his real name) is a subway worker. His subway station introduced thermal imaging human body temperature measurement equipment on February 9.

Huang Qingshi told the Legal Daily that in the past, subway station staff had to carry out face-to-face and close temperature detection on passengers. This method is not only easy to cause congestion, but also increases the possibility of cross infection“ Thermal imaging human body temperature measurement equipment can use biometric technology to quickly and effectively screen the body temperature of passing passengers and improve the traffic efficiency. If the machine finds abnormal body temperature within the detection range, it will automatically give an early warning. At this time, the staff sitting behind the display screen of the thermometer will respond to the early warning in time to find out the abnormal body temperature. “

According to Huang Qingshi, since the thermal imaging human body temperature measuring equipment was put into use, a total of 15 patients with fever were found in his subway station. These patients returned to their community health centers for further observation and treatment under the guidance of subway station staff. This greatly improves the efficiency of epidemic investigation, so that potential pneumonia patients can be treated in time.

Accurate screening of retrovirus

Effectively cut off the route of transmission

It is understood that in order to better ensure the orderly development of epidemic prevention and control work, local public security traffic management departments based on their own duties, make full use of advanced technical means, and take a series of new measures to improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control, improve the service level, and ensure the smooth return traffic. Specific measures include information collection, multi-channel setting of QR code, UAV call in battle, research and development of truck “electronic access code”, etc.

A person in charge of a high-tech enterprise told Legal Daily: “in the process of epidemic prevention and control, cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain have played a role. For example, cloud computing helps vaccine research and development and drug screening, and provides stable and efficient computing support for gene sequencing and medical engineering, so as to reduce the cost and cycle of early research and development of innovative drugs; Artificial intelligence technology can accurately identify user information, accurately screen people with fever in public places, block the source of transmission and the route of transmission

Liu Deliang, a professor at the Law School of Beijing Normal University, said that the three elements of AI are computing power, algorithm and big data. In novel coronavirus pneumonia, the technology of artificial intelligence has been used more widely and flexibly. It can not only help develop and treat new crown pneumonia, but also display powerful functions in a series of realistic scenarios, such as telemedicine consultation, AI large passenger flow temperature measurement system, distance education, 5G epidemic prevention intelligent robot (16.730, -0.47, -2.73%). UAVs, etc.

“In the application of artificial intelligence, big data often plays a role as an important technical support. In the face of major emergencies in the future, big data analysis may become the key to solve the problem. If big data is applied in place, it will prevent the spread of the epidemic to a great extent, such as collecting, processing and analyzing the data of virus characteristics, transmission speed, development law, case symptoms and other information, comparing with other infectious disease viruses and their treatment schemes, or early warning the epidemic situation and mastering the initiative of epidemic prevention. ” Liu Deliang said.

Liu Deliang told Legal Daily that at present, the epidemic transmission model based on positioning system and big data analysis has been put into practical application in determining the track of the diagnosed patients and the close contact population“ According to the mobile phone positioning system of the diagnosed patients, the big data expert group uses the actual physical location distance between mobile phones to calculate another mobile phone number within two meters or three meters, with a certain contact time of more than half an hour. Combined with the relationship between the two people, it can analyze the probability of being infected, and then determine the strength and scope of treatment according to the probability. “

“If the two persons are related, they are likely to be identified as close contacts.” Liu Deliang said that this is a comprehensive big data application. If it is applied at the beginning of the epidemic, it can fit the first-order relevants contacted by patients and the second-order relevants contacted by the first-order relevants. In this way, the epidemic transmission mode can be formed and the epidemic transmission scale can be estimated.

Information disclosure and remote communication

Data sharing and mutual trust

Previously, the Red Cross Society of Hubei Province and the Red Cross Society of Wuhan city were questioned about unfair distribution of donated materials, overstocking of donated materials and low distribution efficiency.

Recently, a charity donation traceability platform was launched. It is understood that the platform takes advantage of the non tamperable and traceable characteristics of the alliance blockchain network to build a transparent, real and efficient information exchange bridge between the donor and the demander.

According to Zheng Ying, a teacher of Zhejiang University and one of the persons in charge of the platform, the information released by the organization on the platform needs to meet the specification requirements, and provide complete logistics list, real shooting of materials, donation details and other information. Once the information is released, it will be recorded in the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. This information will be open to ordinary users and subject to social supervision.

Cai Liang, executive deputy director of Zhejiang University blockchain Research Center, told Legal Daily that blockchain technology is not only applied in charitable donation tracking, epidemic tracking, medical data management, medical supplies and drug traceability, but also conducive to the accurate management and dynamic monitoring of community personnel flow in the process of community prevention and control.

“As an underlying infrastructure, blockchain technology can provide technical support for data sharing and trust building during epidemic prevention. Even multi party enterprises and institutions that do not trust each other can build consensus by using blockchain technology. How to make information disclosure better and let the public see and believe that blockchain technology has natural advantages. ” Cai Liang said.

According to Cai Liang, blockchain technology has three major characteristics: distributed, difficult to tamper with and traceable. It is naturally sensitive to data. When it is applied in the public health system, it can help to achieve trust collaboration across regions and institutions, improve collaboration efficiency, and effectively break the information island in the medical system. As more applications continue to be implemented, blockchain technology will play a greater role in the process of optimizing the public health system in the future.

In addition, 5g network also plays a special role in the process of epidemic prevention.

Since February 8, Wuhan leishenshan hospital has been put into use to receive the first batch of patients. As efficient as the speed of hospital construction is the coverage of 5g signal in hospital area. It took only three days from network laying to coverage. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new type of pneumonia. The 5G network is used to cover the “war time” state of Raytheon hill hospital. It uses 5G network to conduct long-distance command, remote consultation, remote operation and data transmission to better diagnose and treat the new crown pneumonia patients.

In Liu Deliang’s view, for information transmission, 5g network is similar to high-speed rail and highway, which will become the infrastructure for the development of information industry and also stand out in the epidemic. 5g network can make data transmission more smooth and stable. In order to reduce the crowd aggregation, 5g network will be used in telemedicine, conference, teaching and so on, and 5g network can ensure that the network speed is still fast when the number of online people is large.

Grasp the applicable boundary of Technology

Adjust the legal system in time

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is widely applied to fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

“It has been mentioned that developing a good epidemic prevention and control app may be more effective than donating money. From this we can see the role of advanced scientific and technological means in dealing with major emergencies. ” Lin Dongdai, a researcher at the Institute of information engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the State Key Laboratory of information security, said that the use of high-tech means has important guiding significance for tracking the epidemic situation and predicting the development trend of the epidemic situation. Finding out the source of infection, analyzing the channels and ways of infection, and blocking the source of infection are inseparable from advanced scientific and technological means.

However, Lin Dongdai also reminded that while applying advanced scientific and technological means, new legal relations and legal issues should also be considered, and relevant legal systems should be adjusted in time to make advanced scientific and technological means more suitable for the requirements of the times.

Lin Dongdai, for example, said that after a major emergency, there is still a lack of authoritative regulations and explanations on which personal data can be collected and made public, how open they are, and other details. In addition, health information, gene information and other data protection are also issues that need to be focused on in the future“ In view of the novel coronavirus pneumonia exposed certain problems, we need to create better linkage system and mechanism, all departments should cooperate with each other and give full play to the role of advanced scientific and technological means.

As big data technology involves personal information, Liu Deliang believes that big data technology should be used carefully“ Operators can have location information, but in principle, they can only analyze group information, and are not allowed to track personal data. Moreover, it needs to be approved at a higher level before the information can be put into use. “

Liu Deliang suggested that in novel coronavirus pneumonia, such a new outbreak of pneumonia should be better applied in the long term. In order to ensure that the technology development is better, we need to continue to introduce policies to encourage the development of science and technology enterprises, accelerate the training of scientific and technological personnel, and provide three-dimensional support for the development of science and technology.

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