For most people, Israel is a country full of reverie and mystery. This place has a long history since its birth. After several twists and turns, it has grown into a big country in science and technology. It can be said that it has been engraved with the gene of innovation from the beginning. Although compared with China, the country’s land area is small and the national population is less than that of Shanghai, it is the country with the largest number of Nobel Prize winners per capita. On average, one person in 2000 starts a business, has more than 4500 science and technology start-up companies, and the number of Companies listed on NASDAQ is second only to the United States.

What makes Israel stand out in the high-tech era, what height has this country reached in the field of artificial intelligence, and how many black technologies are ready to emerge? For Chinese investors, what track, project and node should they conduct in-depth cooperation with Israeli innovation and technology companies to achieve win-win results?

All this will be announced at the China Israel Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment Summit specially set up by the 2020waic cloud summit.

1 break through the physical boundary and innovate the national voice

As one of the important sections of the 2020waic cloud Summit International Day, the China Israel Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment Summit, guided by the Organizing Committee Office of the world artificial intelligence conference, hosted by AI space, CO sponsored by Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Lianxin capital Shanghai Israel science and technology fund, and supported by Shanghai Investment Promotion Service Center, is in the form of Online + offline, It provides a more international platform for industrial, economic and trade cooperation and culture between China and Israel.

2. The breadth of integration of science and technology capital determines the depth

The summit received the participation and support of many industries, and paid common attention to how Israel’s artificial intelligence field carried out bottom disruptive technological innovation from 0 to 1. At the same time, it also carried out industrial cooperation with China’s application market, setting off a new generation of information and intelligence wave driven by China’s capital energy.

Shanghai Investment Promotion Service Center launched the Shanghai Investment Promotion Platform in 2019. As a carrier to display Shanghai’s investment environment and investment policies, the Shanghai investment promotion platform brings together industrial resources and investment opportunities, integrates information such as Shanghai’s investment industry and host resources, realizes online matching and directional docking between investment projects and landing areas, and provides investors with all-round one-stop services, Once launched, it has been affirmed and welcomed by the majority of investors and users.

Lianxin capital has visited Israel for many times since May 2015 for enterprise visits and investment negotiations. In August 2016, Lianxin capital established the “Shanghai Israel fund”, which mainly invests in early and medium-term projects in high-tech fields such as health care and information technology in Israel and China, and closely connects the cooperation between Shanghai and Israel through market-oriented fund investment. Based on the high level of innovation and international cooperation, give full play to the advantages of institutional innovation, realize capital appreciation and form an industrial system with sustainable vitality.

At the same time, as one of the largest industrial investment funds in Shanghai so far, the Shanghai integrated circuit industry investment fund, under the direct leadership of the Shanghai integrated circuit industry development leading group, focuses on investing in enterprises and projects with advanced processes and processes in the integrated circuit chip manufacturing industry through market-oriented operation and professional management, Improve the level and energy level of Shanghai’s integrated circuit industry and maintain Shanghai’s leading position in the integrated circuit industry.

3. Unlock innovative technology with the presence of enterprises

How does artificial intelligence create a beautiful vision of a common home?

In addition, innoviz, an autonomous driving technology company as famous as Mobileye in Israel, was specially invited to the summit. Innoviz and Mobileye are the only two companies in Israel — the top 100 companies in the global patent list for invention of automatic driving technology in 2018. As an Israeli solid state lidar sensor R & D company, Innoviz’s MEMS laser radar is leading many competitors in mass production progress, cost and stability, and will provide products for the world famous brand BMW’s L3 class automatic driving vehicle. It will become the first solid laser radar for mass production.

Sonaris, another Israeli high-tech medical innovation company, applies ultrasound to health care, providing health care providers with the most advanced diagnostic imaging and screening tools. A breakthrough innovation has been made on the traditional ultrasonic device, which gives the product AI function, namely “automatic ultrasonic” technology, which not only makes it easy for patients to carry, but also can be used simply, so as to truly detect anytime and anywhere. As an enterprise that participated in the world artificial intelligence conference last year, sonaris was favored and invited back by many domestic investment companies after the conference.

4. The summit is full of dry goods and looks around the “second silicon valley”

At the summit, innoviz will introduce the latest technology in Israel’s innovation field, especially driverless technology, based on the theme of the conference, so that you can have a detailed understanding of the development of artificial intelligence technology in Israel. In the round table forum, the guests will also discuss from their own perspectives and from a unique point of view, so that everyone can understand the difference between Israel’s scientific and technological innovation model and China’s business innovation model, why Israel has become one of the best choices for large companies to explore innovative technologies and “purchase” innovative projects, and what advantages China’s capital and market have, What can be done to achieve accurate matching with Israeli technology output.

Through a series of wonderful dialogues, you will understand what high-precision products and innovative ideas Israeli enterprises have in the era of artificial intelligence, their impressions and expectations for the Chinese market, and why Shanghai is a good choice for overseas enterprises to land in China, and provide some suggestions to Israeli enterprises planning to establish cooperative relations with China and industrial landing.

Scientific and technological innovation cooperation is a key area for the in-depth development of China and Israel, and Shanghai is an important town of science and technology and innovation in China, which is becoming increasingly important in the global scientific and technological innovation landscape. Technology knows no borders, and the scientific and technological exchanges between China and Israel will not stop. On July 10, 2020, 2020waic cloud Summit International Day · China Israel Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment Summit will unlock the innovation password of the country of science and technology, and invite you to witness the beautiful vision of how artificial intelligence creates a common home.

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