Today, the once prohibitive price of solid-state drives has fallen to a level that everyone can afford. Even for some low-speed solid-state disks, the equivalent is more than 1 per GB.

So, in this case, is it necessary to purchase mechanical hard disk as a product of “ancient times”?

How do you choose solid state drive and mechanical hard disk

(solid state drive )

What’s the strength of SSD

If you have been used to using a computer with mechanical hard disk as the main hard disk for a long time, if you add a solid-state hard disk and install the system on this hard disk, it will bring you the feeling of “taking off” from boot to use.

“Fast” is the most intuitive performance of SSD.

With the same NAND flash structure as U disk, the read-write speed of SSD is far higher than that of traditional mechanical hard disk, which is the fundamental reason why many people choose SSD.

Ultra fast read-write speed, not only brings a huge reduction in boot time, for gamers, it also means the reduction of “bar reading” time and the improvement of the number of frames. For designers, oversized files can also be stored in a very short time.

In addition to being fast, SSD also has the characteristics of low power consumption, no noise, anti vibration and low heat, which can prolong the running time of battery powered computer equipment.

Is there no disadvantage in SSD

Since SSD has so many advantages, why has it not been “unified”?

Although the solid state disk has incomparable advantages, but because of its completely different structure from the mechanical hard disk, some of its inherent shortcomings can not be cured for the time being.

Among them, there are three disadvantages that affect us the most: lifetime, read-write stability and irreparability.

The life of solid state disk is always a difficult problem. In fact, this is the inherent problem of flash memory structure: each flash switch has a certain number of write times limit, and at the end of its life, it will become unable to write and can only read. In other words, if the SSD is used for a certain number of times, it can only read the data inside and can no longer be stored. For ordinary users, in fact, there is no need to worry too much, because the number of millions of writes is enough for years, even decades.

The stability of reading and writing is commonly known as “speed loss”. With the increase of the number of writes, the read-write speed of the SSD will gradually slow down, which is also a matter of life.

Irreversibility is easy to understand. If it is a mechanical hard disk data loss, sent to a professional data recovery company still has considerable hope to be able to save it back, but it is difficult for solid-state disk, and the existing technology is very difficult to repair the damaged flash memory particles. However, with the development of technology, I believe that the future will not be a problem.

Why mechanical hard disk is not eliminated

Although the price of solid-state disk (SSD) keeps falling, it is not realistic to compete with mechanical hard disk in price advantage per unit capacity in a short time. After all, it takes less than 400 yuan to buy a mainstream brand of 2TB mechanical hard disk, while for the same price, there is only 500GB SSD.

Of course, in addition to the price advantage, mechanical hard disk also has the advantages of stable speed, long service life and easy data repair. These are the reasons why mechanical hard disk still firmly occupies a large part of the market in today’s increasingly popular SSD.

More importantly, the mechanical hard disk is not stagnant. After decades of development, the production line of mechanical hard disk has been quite mature, and hard disk manufacturers are constantly improving their technology. For example, Seagate technology announced a new mechanical hard disk structure before, and its reading and writing speed is even comparable to that of solid-state disk with SATA interface.

“Dual head arm” hard disk technology announced by Seagate

You should know that large-scale games can reach more than 50g at any time, and the capacity of a blu ray movie is between 30GB and 80GB. In this way, a 500GB SSD can’t even hold much content. If you choose 1TB or even 2TB capacity, the price will not be doubled.

Generally speaking, solid state disk and mechanical hard disk will coexist for a long time, so it is better to choose according to their own needs. For the vast majority of users, mechanical + solid-state mixed installation is the best choice.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that at present, there are three kinds of solid-state hard disk interfaces used by computers: SATA, m.2 and PCIe. Players who don’t know about it may be confused. It is suggested that players who want to upgrade their desktops or laptops should choose the solid-state disk with m.2 interface directly. After all, as the most popular interface at present, the product line is rich and the price is reasonable. SATA is rarely used now. Although the speed of the PCI interface is the fastest, it is expensive. In addition, it takes up a PCIe interface, so it is not recommended.

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