In recent years, with the continuous maturity of big data, AI, 5g and other technologies, as well as the opening of the consumer market, the service robot industry has ushered in a rapid rise, and has made great contributions in many fields such as commerce, logistics, transportation, security and so on. In 2019, the production and sales of service robots will decline; Foreign brand sniping; Enterprise financing difficulties and other tribulations, the way forward can be described as difficult. So, looking forward to 2020, what can service robots do to go higher?

First, the government should continue to give play to the advantages of policy guidance, actively integrate relevant industrial resources, create a sound legal and policy environment, promote the comprehensive construction of artificial intelligence industry ecology, help the commercialization of key technologies and algorithms of artificial intelligence, and promote the maturity and expansion of the market.

Second, the government should continue to strengthen the financial support for the development of the artificial intelligence industry according to the actual situation, especially for some enterprises with long R & D cycle and slow return, so as to promote the comprehensive and in-depth development of China’s artificial intelligence industry, without forming a short board and being controlled by others in some fields.

Third, enterprises should be more active in docking with the national policy planning and strategic deployment, closely around the important documents such as the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan and the three year action plan for promoting the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry (2018-2020), so as to combine the enterprise’s brand building and product innovation, so as to fit the overall development of the industry, It can also better benefit from the support conditions.

Fourth, enterprises should continue to promote R & D and innovation, strive to tackle key technologies, take market application as the starting point, find the foothold of technology transformation in application scenarios such as voice interaction, automatic driving, image recognition and machine vision, continuously increase the optimization of corresponding algorithms, reasonably plan R & D and market strategies, and achieve the goal of “technology driven and landing”, We have achieved tangible development.

In the field of robot intelligent manufacturing, China, as a rising star, has a huge market scale. In the future, robots will no longer serve human beings, but become a part of public life. The service robot will usher in the golden age. The people are looking forward to it, and so is the world. Zhihui era will live up to the expectations of the public, bring excellent products at the same time, bring “change” new hope!

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