There are too many hidden dangers in the home. In addition to electricity, combustible gas and pollution gas will still threaten life. When we neglect, are there tools to help us monitor in real time? There are – sensors, sensors, it’s like the human facial features, is an important tool to obtain information. Intelligent sensor is one of the most important technologies in the development of the Internet of things. It will combine artificial neural network, artificial intelligence and other technologies to continuously improve its functions.

Intelligent security system

When the intelligent sensor is linked with the intelligent door lock and the intelligent monitoring at the same time, the most critical mode in the intelligent home – intelligent security system is formed. Through intelligent door lock, the security level of house anti-theft is improved, and convenient and user-friendly operation options are provided. After gas detection detects the leakage of harmful gases such as natural gas and combustible gas, the equipment can send out an audible and visual alarm, and push the alarm information to the mobile app, and can also automatically exhaust the fresh air.

Intelligent monitoring can provide two-way voice and store monitoring video to the cloud. It can provide mobile detection and its own infrared night vision function, which can also be seen in dark night. Through infrared detection, door magnetic detection and other equipment to detect dangerous intrusion information, intelligent early warning, and send information to the user’s mobile phone. Smart home is a safe and intelligent space composed of points, lines and surfaces, so smart sensors are the general existence of “five senses”. Using intelligent technology to prevent and monitor and minimize the hidden dangers is our comfortable and safe intelligent habitat.

How can sensors provide us with a safe environment

In recent years, with the popularization of the concept of smart home, smart home is more and more concerned by the public. In addition to comfort, smart home is characterized by security, in which a variety of smart sensors are used.

1. Gas sensor

Gas sensor is a kind of device that can transform the information of gas composition and concentration into information that can be used by people, instruments, computers, etc. it is also an important detection method of smart home. In the smart home, through the gas concentration sensor, the analysis of dangerous gas can be realized, so that targeted control strategies can be taken, which is also an important link to maintain the safety of family life and eliminate the danger in the non occurrence period. This kind of sensor is usually placed in the kitchen, such as gas alarm, carbon dioxide sensor and so on.

2. Temperature and humidity sensor

The temperature and humidity sensor can detect the temperature and humidity in the air through a special detection device, and according to a certain rule, transform it into electrical signal or other required forms for information output. Temperature and humidity sensors are used in all places where temperature changes and water vapor content in the gas need to be monitored. It is not only related to the quality of the family environment, but also closely related to human health. It can be said to be an important part of smart home. Generally, it can be used to link air conditioning, purifier, etc.

3. Infrared sensor

Infrared sensor is a measurement system with infrared as the medium. It works mainly through the physical effect of the interaction between infrared radiation line and substance. In the smart home industry, it mostly uses the electrical and physical effects of this interaction to realize the opening and closing of electrical equipment with infrared switch.

4. Gate magnetic sensor

Door magnetic sensor can be used to detect whether doors, windows, etc. are illegally opened or moved. This kind of sensor is generally installed on the door or window, which senses the switch of the door and window, and is used with other intelligent security products to prevent the occurrence of dangerous invasion. It is composed of two parts: the main body of the door magnet and the permanent magnet. When the two parts leave a certain distance, the door magnet sensor will send a radio signal to alarm the system terminal.

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