In 2021, a large number of 5g industry applications will be displayed in the MWC conference hall in Shanghai. Just like going through the future to the present, the way of work and life will be changed due to the empowerment of 5g devices in various fields. This change is about to break out in 2021. As the leader of the communication module industry, mobile communication is also helping customers’ 5g devices to quickly “take up their posts”.

5g industry application is about to break out

Looking back to July 2020, for 5g industry applications, there are actually these two events.

The first is the freezing of R16 standard, which really gives 5g the ability to enter thousands of industries. For example, the enhanced urllc and time sensitive network make it possible for the precise control of the mechanical arm in the factory, the precise positioning ability makes it possible for the unmanned driving, and for the support of V2V and V2I, 5gv2x direct communication makes it possible for the Internet of vehicles.

Then ITU formally incorporated NB IOT technology into 5g standard system, which means NB IOT will become an indispensable part of 5g industry ecology. The 3GPP technologies adopted at that time included: 3gppnr + Nb iotrit submitted by China, NR + ltesrit and nrrit submitted by 3GPP, and 3gppnrit submitted by South Korea. The four 5g technologies were the same, and they were integrated into 3GPP technology and unified into 5g technical standard.

How can mobile communication help 5g to enable thousands of businesses?

The first reaction brought by the injection of these two big 5g spikes is that the Internet of things communication module for thousands of industries is formed to be a hot topic for all walks of life. Some data predict that the scale of Internet of things connection in China will reach 7 billion in 2022, and the number of Internet of things devices in the world will reach 100 billion in 2025. Almost all devices will have connection demand in the future. In the face of such a market prospect, Wu Bing, director of mobile communication products, declared at the mobile communication MWC online 5g new product seminar: “mobile 5g, there is always one for you”, and it is true.

Facing all kinds of industries, there are 5g long-distance migration

Before and after mwc21 Shanghai exhibition, mobile communication released three series 5g modules for qianhang Baiye.

On February 10, the mobile communication took the lead in launching the second generation 5gnr communication module supporting 3gppr16 protocol, namely sub-6ghz module rx520f series, rx520n series and millimeter wave module rm530x series; On February 20, the third generation 5gnb IOT series modules bc95-cnv and bc28-cnv were launched; On February 22, the 5g intelligent module sg500q-cn with high performance and cost performance was launched.

In addition to the existing product line, mobile communication has nearly 20 5g modules, which really build a powerful 5g module lineup that “there is always one for you”, which can meet the needs of broadband access, portable live broadcast, XR, intelligent factory, culture and education, mobile devices, Internet of vehicles and other scenarios.

One of the main reasons for enabling all kinds of businesses lies in the support for R16 standard. The second generation 5g modules based on Xiaolong X65 platform and Xiaolong X62 platform can cooperate with the rapid network deployment of operators in the future to realize the key features of R16 standard. For example, it supports r16urllc features to achieve ultra reliability and ultra-low delay, which provides the necessary conditions for 5g to be enabled in industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of vehicles and other applications. The highest peak speed of 10Gbps can also meet the extreme demand of 4K / 8K ultra high definition video transmission.

Bc95-cnv and bc28-cnv, the third generation 5gnb IOT series modules based on hisilica boudica200 platform, can also smoothly transition to R16 standard, technically support the continuous evolution of 3gppr14, R15 and R16 standard, and support the data transmission of fdd-lteb3 / B5 / B8 band. Through the integration of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it can provide an effective near-field maintenance means for NB IOT terminals such as meter, smoke sensor and bike sharing. With the enhancement of opencpu capability, through rich API interfaces and examples, it can also be applied to shared bicycle parking, smart parking, smart countryside and other scenes.

Help 5g quickly “take up the post”

As a matter of fact, a single 5g baseband chip is still a long way away from the ultimate goal of thousands of industries. It is necessary to meet the needs of different industries in order to quickly “take up the post”“ How can our chips and modules adapt to this industry, increase Bluetooth function, adapt to the ability of debugging and maintenance, increase positioning service function, adapt to the industry with tracking demand, add security things, and apply to the large-scale popularization in the future. ” Xie Yunzhou, Secretary General of 5g Internet of things industry alliance, exemplified its importance at the 5g summit of mobile telecommunication MWC simultaneous line.

The third generation 5gnb IOT series modules exemplified by Xie Yunzhou also have a large number of functions added to meet the needs of the industry. For example, the current can really achieve 1 μ A. Compared with the previous generation, the power consumption is reduced by 60% – 80%, which makes it possible for more miniaturized IOT to realize 5g access capability. In addition, this series of modules can also support wide voltage equipment with a minimum voltage of 2.1 V to 4.2 V, and the working temperature is still industrial grade minus 40 to 85 degrees. The same 5g equipment can be used in different industrial environments.

Yueyuan’s complete 5g product line provides customers with more diversified choices. 5g series modules can support sub-6ghz and millimeter wave bands of global mainstream operators. The rg500q-cn and rm500q-cn5g modules optimized for China’s frequency band have begun to send samples to provide more competitive products for Chinese customers and help 5g to land quickly. The technology of mobile communication in 5g millimeter wave module is becoming more and more mature. The interoperability test has been completed with many base station equipment manufacturers. In the field test in Italy, the peak download rate is close to 5Gbps. At the same time, mobile communication has also established a mature and perfect localization marketing network and technical support network to help customers realize the ability of global localization.

It can help 5g quickly “take up the post” in all walks of life, which also highlights the reason why a large number of customers have chosen mobile communication products. According to the introduction of mobile communication, its 5gnr module shipment has reached 100 K level. At present, it is supporting more than 1000 customers to develop 5g terminals, many of which are top customers in various industries. The data also shows that as of the third quarter of 2020, the nb-iot module of mobile communication has provided connection capacity for more than 50 million devices, and is in an absolute leading position in the market share.

Sun Yanming, deputy general manager of Yueyuan communications, confidently explained at the summit: “why choose Yueyuan? When we talk about cost, there are also selection cost and time cost. Whether we choose the right partner or the right platform, Yueyuan has the ability to provide you with higher cost performance and higher efficiency. “

In addition, in the development process of mobile communication platform products, they communicate with more than 100 networks and dozens of operators around the world every month or every two weeks, becoming a link between the upstream and downstream industries. The goal is to establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship among partners, operators and chip platforms, rather than simply selling and buying.

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