As we all know, this congenital gap at home and abroad is by no means a short-term catch-up. From a more pragmatic point of view, it is considered that while facing the gap and catering to “domestic substitution”, it is more important for domestic EDA enterprises to focus more energy and focus on how to achieve the commercialization goal of “grounding gas”. After all, the tools provided by EDA company should eventually be combined with practical applications and industries. In terms of the current volume, local EDA players are not enough to catch up with the “first camp” in various tool chains. In order to make more efficient use of the “domestic substitution” policy and capital advantages, breaking through one point or multiple points and progressing layer by layer may be the most realistic and reliable “play method” at present.

Hubei jiutongfang microelectronics, which started from the RF EDA tool, is a representative enterprise advocating “point” and “surface”, Li Hong, executive director of Hubei jiutongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters: “The reason why we chose the RF field is that, first, we saw that international giants are relatively weak in this segment; second, our team members have great advantages in this area. Therefore, we firmly take root in this field and focus on the whole link of RF to do EDA tool chain. Of course, we also believe that although chip design was the two camps of analog and digital in the past, with the development of high-frequency and pan analog IC design With the popularization, IP frequency is getting higher and higher, and the status of RF is bound to become more and more important. Through nine years’ efforts, we have now made six products, namely, 3D full wave electromagnetic field simulation solver software, on-chip passive component design and modeling tool software, distributed multithreaded integrated circuit simulator software, and so on. “

However, so far, there has not been any product that can completely support the domestic EDA pattern and is really used by mainstream high-level downstream customers, even point tool products, which is a reality that the current domestic EDA industry must clearly recognize. Li Hong told the reporter: “Even if the domestic EDA manufacturers can make the whole tool, if there is a 10% gap with the international manufacturers, it means failure. In the EDA industry, even if there is only a 10% or 5% gap in the product, and even if the EDA enterprises subsidize the money for delivery, the downstream customers will not use it. Therefore, we believe that we should focus on ‘points’. Of course, we EDA enterprises should also have the dream of’ aspects’, but before that, we must firmly put every ‘point ’Do a good job, such as the electromagnetic simulation tool we developed from 0 to 1. “

“Therefore, we are determined to build this’ point ‘and gradually build a’ surface ‘from a small amount to a large amount, so that the whole logic can be established. All EDA companies will go through a long process from’ point ‘to’ surface ‘. In fact, it is difficult for EDA tools to start in the marketing process in the face of strong competitors. In the future, our goal should not only focus on the Chinese market, but also look at the world, so that enterprises can An autonomous cycle and a virtuous cycle have been formed rapidly. In such a process, we hope to cooperate with colleagues in the industry, promote each other and seek common development. ” Li Hong emphasized.
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