With the construction of smart city becoming a national strategy and the rapid development of high and new technology, smart city continues to be updated and iterated from version 1.0 to version 4.0. Intelligent service systems such as smart government, smart home, smart transportation, smart education and smart medical treatment have become increasingly popular, which has brought great convenience to people’s lives.

Among them, the concept of smart home originated very early, and the market prospect is also very broad. At present, smart home related fields such as real estate, Internet, home appliances and other industries are carrying out business layout, closely grasping the pulse of the times to occupy the smart outlet. At the same time, smart home is also an important carrier to meet people’s needs for a better life. The ecological inherent value potential of its associated scenes is huge and needs to be explored urgently.

Smart home is a market segment of the Internet of things. Relevant data show that the market scale reached US $96 billion last year and will increase to US $277 billion by 2020, equivalent to about 1.9 trillion yuan. In addition, according to the IDC Research Report, the global market shipment of smart home devices will reach 939.7 million units in 2022, and the annual average compound growth rate (CAGR) will reach 18.5%.

How al AI makes smart home a reality

The so-called smart home refers to taking the residence as the platform, integrating the facilities related to home life by using generic cabling technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology and audio and video technology, and building an efficient management system of residential facilities and family schedule affairs.

The combination of artificial intelligence and smart home can be divided into three stages:

***Level is control, that is, remote switch, timing switch and other control modes;

The second level is feedback, which feeds back the data obtained through smart home to the owner through artificial intelligence, such as “watching TV a little more in recent days”;

The third level is integration. When the host talks about other things with AI, AI knows that the host is in a bad mood, so it can ask the host whether to have a piece of music, or directly play a piece of music that the host usually listens to most. Our current smart home can achieve simple feedback at most. For example, nest thermostat, which we are familiar with, can automatically adjust the temperature required by the owner and carry out self-learning. However, when many people use nest at the same time, the memory simulation curve will be confused, so it can only be regarded as simple learning feedback and can not meet the standard of artificial intelligence equipment.

At present, the smart home market is in the ascendant, the concentration is still low, and there is a lack of leading enterprises. According to the figures of the brand consulting agency, in the smart home market, even for the brands with * * * prompt degree, the prompt rate is less than 5%, and there are a lot of cognitive gaps.

China has a population of more than 1.3 billion and currently has more than 100 million smart home customers. This group is equivalent to more than half of Europe and constitutes a huge and fashionable market. With the development of economy, the improvement of people’s living standards and the rise of artificial intelligence, people’s pursuit of intelligent life is imminent.

Experts predict that the past three years are the outbreak period of smart home, which will usher in a blowout development. It will enter every family with lightning speed within five years. Artificial intelligence enters the smart home and enables smart home products to have the ability to “think and make decisions”. I believe that in the future, the smart home blessed by artificial intelligence will change our industrial structure and lifestyle to a greater extent.

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