The little genius children’s telephone watch is definitely the leader in the industry. It has always focused on various technologies such as swimming machine waterproof, positioning and communication. However, recently, it has played IP customization in addition to its products, and has cooperated with the official of Bumblebee to create an annual flagship customization – the Z5 customized little genius telephone watch. Moreover, the price is also very conscientious. From December 28 to January 3, you can rush to pay a deposit of 100 yuan. During this period, you can get a coupon of 50 yuan. On January 4, you will pay off the balance and the hand price is 1448 yuan, which is only 50 yuan more than the daily payment.

How about Z5 customized phone watch? Is it worth buying

This genius phone watch Z5 Bumblebee customized version is an official cooperation between genius and the superhero bumblebee. In terms of packaging appearance, the magic gift box design is adopted. The opened Bumblebee leaps out and incarnates as a hero on the wrist to escort the children’s safety. Needless to say, the beautiful and cool Bumblebee color matching in appearance, and customization is not only the exclusive theme of Bumblebee, which can make children feel the infinite charm of bumblebee.

In terms of function, the customized Z5 of xiaogenius telephone watch is, needless to say, the same as the daily version of Z5. For example, the camera configuration of children’s telephone watch has always been a headache. Limited by the volume of the camera, either the dial will be particularly large, or the imaging effect is unspeakable. The genius phone watch Z5 uses a 5 megapixel custom camera with high precision of 4.6×4.8mm. It has a large aperture of f2.2. The lens is covered with sapphire protective lens and 84.4 ° super large wide-angle lens with anti distortion lens to record more scenes. It is not an ordinary big head photo. It’s really “6”!

Of course, Z5 is good at positioning. The little genius telephone watch Z5 supports nine AI positioning, such as GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, base station, Wi Fi, acceleration sensor, A-GPS positioning, camera assistance and indoor positioning. It also has a 500 + technical team, multiple encryption of positioning and micro chat information, Global 1000 + servers, bank level security technology and 24-hour uninterrupted service.

If you take your children abroad and deploy dedicated line positioning servers in North America and Europe, you can also know the specific location of your children in real time. Z5 supports the indoor positioning of more than 3000 large shopping malls, high-speed railway stations and airports across the country. The location can be accurate to a store on a certain floor, and more places are constantly updated and expanded. Thanks to AI technology and data accumulation, Z5’s positioning has a learning function. The more you use it, the more you know your child and the more accurate you use it.

Swimming grade waterproof, 20m waterproof design, wear Z5 to the swimming pool and the beach, don’t be afraid! A variety of customized high waterproof components and special waterproof technology form effective protection and make children play safer. Z5 has the world’s cutting-edge nano battery technology. On the basis of constant battery volume and safer battery life, Z5 improves battery life by leaps and bounds. The battery capacity is 700mah, small volume and large capacity.

Z5 customized AMOLED super retina screen, repeatedly studied and customized 1.41 inch screen, comfortable to wear. 320 * 360 ultra clear resolution, pixel density (PPI) up to 342, the picture is exquisite and amazing, and AMOLED material has naturally low blue light to protect children’s vision. Gorilla protective glass, scratch resistant and fall resistant, children are not afraid to play again.

Genius phone watch Z5 hornet customized version supports 4G all Netcom or WiFi. Video calls and micro chats can keep in touch with parents, and 4G all Netcom parents can freely choose the operators they want. With the 5-mode 14 frequency network system, the communication and positioning are unimpeded in more than 200 countries, enjoying exotic customs. The positioning speed is faster, the call is more HD, and the protection of children is never limited.

In short, if you are a bumblebee or transformer fan, the customized Z5 Bumblebee phone watch is definitely a favorite.

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