What else can UAVs do to make money besides buying them for their own use?

Most of my friends’ attention to UAVs is limited to personal entertainment. After impulse buying, it finally became a decoration because of personal control, shooting ability and rarely finding scenes to use.

When we are praising the excellent works we have taken for countless aircraft friends, few people think about how to make money with UAVs. However, there are still some people who see such opportunities. Instead of making their own UAVs, they use the purchased UAVs to serve others. Just like the automobile manufacturers sell cars, and the people who buy cars use them to sell and sell goods.

So what else can UAVs do to make money besides buying and using them?

Today, I’d like to talk with the villagers about the stories of starting a business with drones. I hope it will enlighten you. The same thinking or application is not limited to this industry.

1、 What are the benefits of drones

Why do more and more people pay attention to and use UAVs? In order to help you better understand, I will briefly introduce some basic information of current civil UAVs.

1. civilian economy

(1) Price: search for UAV related products on the Internet, and the prices range from 700 or 800 to 10000 or 20000, all around 6000 or 7000.

Similar to a mainstream flagship mobile phone, this is completely acceptable for users who want to play with UAVs.

(2) Operation: excluding commercial, agricultural and cool skills, ordinary users can leave school quickly as long as they are under the guidance of sales. Especially with the enhancement of the fool and program functions of UAV.

In the future, with the gradual reduction of the cost of UAV and the improvement of technology, the use and operation of UAV will be at least as popular as the use of point and shoot cameras.

2. flexible scenarios

For photography lovers or wedding companies, the previous demand for high-altitude panorama and wedding car aerial photography can not be realized, or they need to spend a high fee to rent professional equipment and talents. Now these customer needs can be solved entirely by their own employees.

Like the courier, the drone is used to deliver express. It not only reduces the time, but also solves some remote traffic problems, such as crossing rivers and climbing mountains in some places.

The UAV can not only monitor road traffic conditions, but also realize long-distance and multi customer delivery. Realize the real sense of picking up and delivering without leaving the home.

3. strong expandability

The main impression of UAV is that it can be used for shooting in various environments, such as wedding celebrations, travel and corporate activities.

In fact, in addition, UAVs have been gradually applied in express delivery, fire protection, agriculture, monitoring and other aspects. For example, in terms of safety and fire protection, you can carry alarm sound, intelligent camera, fire-fighting equipment, medical first-aid kit, etc.

2、 What are the current functions of UAV

(1) Shooting

People buy drones mainly to meet the needs of daily travel shooting, including media, wedding and other companies. As the resolution of UAV shooting becomes higher and higher, it can adapt to long-distance and multi scene follow-up, which provides more and more rich materials for video.

(2) Cruise

At present, video surveillance has been very popular, but it is still limited by the use of sites and scenes.

For farmers with large planting area or grazing area, there are limitations in the monitoring of grazing land or field equipment, especially the need for large-scale patrol. The advantage of UAV is that it can cruise in a long distance, in a large range and in multiple terrain.

In addition to agriculture, UAVs have also made great achievements in cruising at borders, prisons, forests and transportation.

(3) Spraying

With the upgrading of UAV size, load and platform carrying space, UAV is more and more widely used in the field of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. Especially for seed sowing and pest control of crops, the efficiency has been greatly improved, and even the harvest in the future will be of great use.

(4) Carry

UAV has natural carrying capacity, especially in the range of medium and short distance and small load, and has strong operational advantages.

In addition to civil and industrial fields, takeout, express delivery and medical drug distribution are the most anticipated places for UAV transportation. As for delivery, I will share it separately in the future development of express.

In the future, if the stability of UAV against dust, wind, rain and other bad weather is improved, the superiority of convenient transportation capacity will be more prominent.

I have spent so much time to popularize with you again. First, I hope you can strengthen your understanding of UAVs again. Second, I hope you can think about extensibility based on your current business.

Because when we seem to have simple functions, some entrepreneurs have found opportunities to make money.

3、 How entrepreneurs find business 1 UAV aerial photography, monthly income over 10000

UAV has been used in commercial aerial photography for at least 10 years. But in the past, it was mainly used to shoot promotional videos, press conferences, annual meetings and large-scale exhibition activities for enterprises. With the rise of short videos, aerial photography is becoming more and more popular. UAVs frequently appear in wedding ceremonies, mini dramas, shopping malls and graduation photos.

Doubao is a model aircraft enthusiast. He often shares his aerial photos in the circle of friends. Once a friend asked him if he would take the wedding shooting. At first, Doubao just liked to help. He casually reported 600 yuan a time. As the shooting was good, more and more businesses were introduced later, and he also knew the real market situation.

The price ranges from thousands to tens of thousands according to the shooting duration, aircraft position, activity scale and whether editing is required.

At present, he has specially set up a 10 person unmanned aerial photography team, which can take all kinds of lists, wherever it needs to go. From rural areas to cities, from deserts to snow capped mountains, aerial photos have traveled all over the country.

The most impressive thing about Doubao is that there was a project that was demolished illegally, requiring a panoramic view from high altitude. The engineering party offered him 600 yuan for a photo, and he made more than 10000 yuan in one morning.

There is still a lot of room for commercial aerial photography. Imagine that there are at least tens of millions of weddings, banquets, exhibitions, concerts, press conferences and so on in China every year. But the entry-level operation business will be reduced and the competition will be more intense.

In the past, the cost of UAV was high, and a few people were skilled in using it. However, as the price of consumer UAVs drops and the use functions are mechanized, employees of wedding companies or some media companies can operate by themselves, so there is no need to hire outsourcing.

Therefore, this kind of stupid business will be reduced, but for scenes with high image quality and aerial photography skills, such as corporate promotional videos and exhibition activities, it will still be a great opportunity.

At present, an ordinary pilot earns at least 7000 or 8000 yuan a month, and an experienced pilot with high technology and difficult operation earns at least 15000 yuan a month.

2. UAVs go to the countryside and mountains

There are some tea gardens and fields in my hometown. My parents often need to sow, fertilize and carry out necessary pest control. In mountainous areas, you need to carry seeds and fertilizer up the mountain every time you work. Not only is it tiring to carry fertilizer, but most of the time is spent walking. For some rural areas in the north, there are at least 7 or 8 mu, and more than dozens of hundreds of mu. Each time, farming is particularly time-consuming and laborious.

Another important point is that many fields used to be artificially fertilized and sprayed with chemicals, which could easily lead to poisoning.

Therefore, many UAV manufacturers have developed medium and large-scale agricultural plant protection UAVs.

Figure: UAV field plant protection

The most direct function is to realize the spraying of daily chemicals, seeds and powders of crops.

(1) Improve efficiency: when using UAV to spray chemicals, the plant protection work of 10 mu of land can be completed in 10 minutes, and one UAV can complete at least 150 mu a day. If it is replaced by labor, the efficiency of a single labor is certainly very low, and it is easy to delay the best plant protection period.

(2) Safety guarantee: traditional farmers often work in the field with a watering can on their back. The potion weighs 2 or 30 kilograms, and they still need to work continuously for 5 or 6 hours.

It is very easy to be tired under high temperature, and it is also easy to cause poisoning. Every year, 100000 people in China are poisoned by pesticides, and the death rate is as high as 20%. Using agricultural machinery and equipment may cause overturning or other dangerous situations due to inconvenient operation. Using UAV for remote operation and program setting will greatly improve the safety of plant protection.

(3) Precision: the plant protection line of the agricultural UAV can be set on the computer in advance, and the dosage of the agent can also be sprayed according to the set amount.

Therefore, there is a great difference between manual manipulation and system setting, which improves the survival rate of crops.

(4) Low cost: the workload of UAV in one minute is equivalent to that of an ordinary farmer in about two hours. After computer calculation and many tests, it is found that the medicament can save at least 50% compared with manual work, greatly reducing waste.

Therefore, both labor cost and raw material cost will be greatly reduced by using UAV for plant protection.

(5) Large market: at present, there are many UAV plant protection teams in the market, which carry out UAV plant protection operations in Henan, Anhui, Shandong, Shanxi and other provinces all year round.

The cost ranges from a few yuan to a dozen yuan per mu. Sometimes, when you receive a large list, it costs at least a thousand mu a day. It takes a team to get busy.: For example, cotton in Xinjiang needs defoliant, citrus in Jiangxi needs pest control, winter jujube in Binzhou, Shandong, rice and sugarcane in Guangxi.

Zhangjiang, a flying hand from Zhejiang, served nearly 40000 mu of farmland last year, including nearly 7000 mu of tea forest. His price for plant protection is 20 yuan / mu for mountain areas, 15 yuan / mu for rice and 20 yuan / mu for tea. His annual income is about 400000 yuan.

China has 1.8 billion mu of arable land and more than 3.5 billion mu of forest land. It is estimated that by 2020, China’s demand for plant protection UAVs will be 100000. However, in 2019, it only exceeded 30000, which is a big gap. It is expected that the demand for plant protection personnel in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery will be greater in the future.

3. UAV commercial show

Not long ago, on the stage of China’s got talent show, Shi Zheyuan led the UAV team to celebrate the birthday of the motherland and perform the Millennium culture of China. There were countless fans, which also made many people feel the charm of the UAV performance.

In addition, in many night scenes in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places this year, there are various UAV teams performing, such as Dapeng in Shenzhen and xiaomanyao in Guangzhou.

As we applaud for this, please also think about a question: is this kind of performance free?

Of course not. It’s not only very expensive, but also very expensive.

According to online rumors, the value of UAV performance is very high. The appearance fee of each set is as high as ten thousand yuan each time, and the general performance time is within a few minutes to 30 minutes. But I contacted some UAV performance teams offline to inquire about it. The price is not so outrageous. It mainly depends on the complexity of the formation, the length of time, the number of aircraft pairs and other factors.

Generally, the price of a UAV performance ranges from RMB 800 or 900 to RMB 3000 or 4000. Only in some cases, the machine needs to be set up independently, or even the high cooperation of the system will charge RMB 10000. Therefore, the general charge for a hundred or so UAVs is between 100000 yuan and 400000 yuan. Among them, Yihang, which transformed from selling and consuming UAVs to performing, earned more than 100 million in 2018 by virtue of UAV formation performance.

UAV performance should be a relatively profitable industry in the next 5-10 years. Moreover, there are certain barriers in terms of capital investment and technology.

Just like some media companies used to drive movie carts to the countryside to show movies, but in the future, with the development of science and technology, new technologies and new products may have an impact.

4. UAV training

The UAV operator is abbreviated as “flying hand” in order to solve various safety problems caused by black flying.

As early as 2013, the Interim Provisions on the management of pilots of civil unmanned aerial vehicle systems were issued. To truly become a qualified pilot, you need to pass the relevant AOPA assessment and obtain a certificate. You can fly only after your real name is registered and reported for approval.

This year, the Ministry of human resources and social security officially incorporated the flying hand into the new profession, which also made the flying hand position a hot topic.

(1) Rapid development

As of december31,2018, 44573 people have obtained civil UAV driver licenses, 31 UAV test centers, and a total of 292 training institutions have training qualifications.

In 2014, the total number of people with certificates in China was only 244, an increase of 181 times in five years.

(2) Large demand

Although the number of people with certificates has increased year by year, there are still very few people who actually fly with certificates.

At present, there is a gap of at least 100000 UAV pilots in China. According to the prediction of the Ministry of human resources and social security, the demand for UAV pilots in the next five years will be nearly 1million. Including plant protection flying guards, takeout express delivery workers, various fire safety officers, land surveyors, etc.

You should know that in the first 10 years of the legal use of drones in U.S. airspace, as many as 100000 new jobs will be created.

(3) It’s not easy to get a certificate

Although the market has a huge demand for talents and many people are eager to try, it is not easy to get a certificate.

Charges: Although there are differences among provinces and cities, the prices are not cheap, ranging from 7000 or 8000 to more than 10000.

Duration: there are intensive classes (i.e. quick classes), and the students should study in a closed way for more than half a month. Ordinary training should generally meet the corresponding learning duration, some of which are more than 60 days.

Examination: compared with ordinary vehicle driver’s license, the assessment of UAV driver’s license has more subjects from theory to practice.

In the future, the assessment of UAV driver’s license will be more and more strict, and the demand will be more and more. It will be as popular as the current ordinary driver’s license, so driving training is an evergreen business.

4、 Personal thinking 1 Plant protection fragmented market

At present, the main operating environment for UAV plant protection is regular farmland, such as in Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu and other places. But in fact, there are still a large number of mountains, woodlands and irregular fields in China, especially in the provinces and cities in the middle and southwest of China.

A large number of young labors in the village go out to work, and many lands in the village are not busy with planting and maintenance, resulting in waste. Therefore, in the fragmented market of plant protection, it is entirely possible to conduct relevant research and attempts.

At present, the area covered by plant protection machines in China accounts for less than 5% of the total cultivated land, while the penetration rate of plant protection machines in Japan, the United States and other developed countries has reached more than 50%. Especially for those who have been engaged in township business for a long time, in addition to township express delivery and plant protection, they can also be used as a service. At present, the state also subsidizes the purchase of UAVs.

Some people may scoff at this. Of course, if you want to do tens of millions of business, you can ignore it. However, as an ordinary returning entrepreneur or a service provider of local life in the township, it can be done.

For example, Huangshan is rich in Huangshan Maofeng. Tea trees need to be pruned regularly every year. In the past, farmers used to go up the mountain with big scissors, which took time and effort.

Later, some people in the town sold electric trimmers, one for at least 1000 yuan, and at least 1000 in a township.

Some farmers have a lot of tea fields. Please help the pruning team. This income alone is more than 100000 a year.

2. children’s training

Although the UAV driver’s license can only be applied for at least 16 years old, only professional institutions have training qualifications. But when people always pay attention to adults, do they ignore the interest of teenagers in learning?

Just like in the past, we only focused on the programming training of adults, but now the programming of teenagers is very hot. It is a hard skill to master the flight of UAV in advance.

Therefore, for the interest training of teenagers, we can cooperate with some professional institutions to set up some micro aircraft courses, especially some current aircraft model interest classes.

Of course, this kind of business is currently only limited to key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and has a good market. Fourth and fifth tier cities have demand, but may still focus on cultural and art training.

3. UAV repair (maintenance and repair)

At present, the annual sales of UAVs in China is only 1million or 2million, which is far from the sales of computers and mobile phones. However, I personally feel that there will be business in the maintenance of UAVs in the future.

Not only is unmanned aerial vehicles expensive and costly, but more importantly, civil unmanned aerial vehicles alone are a market of more than 100 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 25%. At present, talents who can repair and maintain UAVs are even more scarce, because the crash of UAVs is not a simple bump of mobile phones.

In addition, besides maintenance, can we further try to deal with the damage and damage of UAVs in terms of insurance and claim settlement?

4. customized market of Tob and tog

Film and television shooting, agriculture, forestry and plant protection are becoming more and more popular, which is also a large part of the market share.

In addition, there is a strong demand for customized services in many aspects of 2b2g, which is also the direction for some enterprises to establish core business barriers.

(1) Power Erection inspection

Power Patrol inspection is a tiring and high-risk work, which requires both climbing mountains and rivers and facing all kinds of bad weather.

A 3-person power inspection team should inspect more than 1000 base stations at least a year, walk more than thousands of kilometers, and about 40% of the base stations are inaccessible to vehicles. However, it often takes only 1 or 20 minutes to go up and down the mountain for two hours.

In addition, in terms of power erection, many lines have to climb mountains and rivers. Previously, they had to rely on manual traction. However, since the UAV has been erected, it takes 2 or 3 hours to manually complete the UAV in more than ten minutes.

Therefore, after the former power related staff left, a large part of them are now undertaking the power inspection and erection business of the State Grid.

It is estimated that in 2020, the overall market scale of Power Patrol UAV and service will be about 8.768 billion yuan. According to the announcement issued by Navigant research, by 2026, the demand for UAV and intelligent technology in the global power transmission and distribution market will reach 100billion yuan.

In addition to power inspection, there is a strong demand for forest fire control, transportation, urban management and law enforcement and other government affairs. Especially in recent years, many cities are building smart cities, of which smart inspection is a very important aspect. I believe that practitioners in related fields should have a deep understanding.

For those companies that are currently providing smart government services such as data and face recognition for government agencies, UAV government must become a must for your company.

(2) UAV rescue

We can often see in the news that many tourists get lost, including some herdsmen who call the police to look for livestock. Not long ago, I saw a news in Hubei that a girl was missing in the wild. After the police and people searched for her many times without success, they finally found the girl’s trace by UAV and got help in time.

This is just a small example of UAV rescue. In fact, in the future, UAV rescue will have great potential in urban, rural, maritime, scenic spots, hospitals and other scenarios.

It is not only the monitoring of disaster and alarm, but also the material distribution, safety warning, information transmission and other aspects.

(3) Geographic mapping

Every year, the state has surveying and mapping related businesses in transportation, real estate, energy, agriculture and many other aspects.

In 2016 alone, the total value of services completed by China’s surveying and mapping geographic information industry reached 94.599 billion yuan, with 427600 employees. UAV surveying and mapping must be the trend.

More and more accurate data can be obtained through UAV high-altitude operation, but it is not easy to get involved in this market.

First, you need to have strong government relations or public relations ability;

Second, surveying and mapping has high requirements for image, sensing and other technical capabilities;

Third, the above services are largely customized.

So far, we have quickly learned about the application of UAV in many industries and some entrepreneurial opportunities.

Casually, the mobile phone has a case and a film, so can the UAV be beautified? What about the products of related parts?

So a very important point is that I want to use this to express that many times we only focus on the thing itself, and do not think about other opportunities it brings.

UAV is an aspect of new things at present. There will be many new products and opportunities in the future. I hope you can learn to draw inferences from one instance and find business opportunities.

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