As an upgraded version of Tremella 2, Yijia Tremella 2T has not changed much in appearance. Xiaobian’s first impression is that the workmanship is very exquisite. However, they are essentially different, that is, the types and interfaces of signal input are different. Different from Tremella 2, tremella 2T adopts digital signal input and usb-c interface. Below, I love audio network will lead you to appreciate the internal structure of this exquisite headset.

1、 One plus Tremella 2T unpacking

The whole box is mainly black, and the middle is a design outline with Tremella 2T.

At the bottom of the back is the product information.

As you can see, product name: one plus Tremella 2T headset. Product model: be02t. Horn impedance: 24 Ω. Rated power: 3MW. Plug type: USB type-c.

Close up of the brand logo on the top left corner of the box.

The words earphones in the lower right corner of the box.

Open the package and put the headphones and other accessories in a carton respectively.

Packing list: one plus 2T tremella, two additional pairs of earplug caps, and a product description.

Just like one plus 6T, the spirit of “not making do” seems to be reflected in headphones. As a mobile phone brand manufacturer, although it has no deep strength accumulation in the audio field, it naturally requires higher requirements than headphone manufacturers in terms of appearance, workmanship and other aspects. Tremella 2T adopts German polyarylate diaphragm and Japanese large black copper-clad aluminum coil, which improves the resolution. At the same time, it adds EQ balanced headphone sound effect adjustment, which can be adjusted by small partners according to their preferences.

Compared with the previous generation of Tremella 2, 2T has little change in appearance, mainly due to the slight change in details, and the metal texture is still strong. The wire is still flat and noodle shaped, which is not easy to knot. It is easier to take care of at ordinary times.

In other details, it is still a three button wire control, and the middle button is textured, which can be distinguished in hand feeling.

There is a logo on the back of the button and a radio microphone below.

There is a circle of CNC metal polishing on the outside of the headset, which looks harder and more exquisite. The frosted metal surface is anodized and colored twice, which is very similar to the frosted black on the iPhone 7. The edge is also equipped with a circle of bright surface polishing, frosted with bright edges, which still looks low-key and elegant.

Tremella 2T adopts USB type-C interface.

The size of earphone cavity is the same as that of 1 yuan coin.

Measured by I love audio network, the weight of one plus Tremella 2T is about 14g.

2、 One plus Tremella 2T disassembly

Remove the silicone sleeve of the headset. The conduit is a circular conduit with a filter screen on the conduit.

When you remove the headset from the middle, you can see that the speaker unit is glued to the inner cover of the headset.

The conductor is fixed with glue to prevent excessive pulling.

The loudspeaker is tightly adhered. After the T iron is removed, the voice coil and diaphragm remain in the upper cover.

Start disassembling the wire control section.

Take out the wire control motherboard, open the other side to see the wire control motherboard, on which there is a microphone blocked by a dust net.

The call microphone on the remote control is a MEMS chip silicon microphone.

To disassemble the usb-c interface.

The usb-c interface is protected by a metal cover.

The motherboard at the end of usb-c plug is sealed and protected with glue.

Remove a layer of white glue on the outside, and you can see that the chip is closed with red glue.

Here is a silk screen u51e 722a chip.

Look at the other side, you can vaguely see that there is a relatively large chip inside.

This shiny chip is a highly integrated audio chip from cirrus logic Lingyun logic, with built-in DAC and headphone amplifier.

3、 I love audio network Summary

1. Cirrus logic Lingyun logic crystal audio chip is adopted, which is the same brand as apple, and the sound quality is good;

2. The use of large moving coil unit brings elastic and powerful bass, which can show some low-frequency details;

3. Earplugs and plugs are exquisitely made.


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