Recently, Xiao E sorted out its own database and found that the radio frequency chips in the 5G era seem to have changed a lot. Xiao E flipped through his own database and found that when the OPPO K7x was released in 2020, domestic RF chips had already appeared.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G dismantled today also seems to confirm that domestic RF chips are not only used in domestic mobile phones.

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First, turn off the power and take out the card tray. The plastic back cover is heated by a heat gun, and then opened with a suction cup and a pick. A piece of foam is attached to each of the left and right ends of the back cover to play a buffering role. The plastic card tray supports inserting two Nano-SIM cards and one SD card at the same time, and supports up to 1TB expansion.

The rear cover made of PC is fixed by screws and buckles, and the fingerprint recognition module is stuck in the groove of the rear cover. The rear camera cover is fixed on the rear cover by a snap, which is relatively rare, and is usually fixed by glue.

A total of 8 FPC antennas are integrated on the upper and lower ends of the rear end cover.

Remove the speakers fixed by screws, the main board, the sub-board, and the main and sub-boards to connect the soft board, the front and rear cameras, and the RF coaxial cable. The headphone jack that has not been canceled is located at the bottom of the whole machine, and like the USB Type-C interface, a black silicone sleeve is used to prevent dust.

The front and back sides of the motherboard are affixed with a large area of ​​copper foil to dissipate heat, and the CPU and memory flash memory positions in the shield are coated with thermal grease.

Batteries that are not fixed with roll-on glue or roll-on tape are directly fixed with glue, and the battery is seriously deformed after dismantling.

Remove the earpiece, vibrator, side button soft board and speaker adapter board fixed by glue. Finally, the screen and the inner support are separated by the heating table, and the front of the inner support is only affixed with a graphite sheet at the top.

The screen adopts Tongxingda’s 6.6-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 2408×1080.

motherboard ic information

Main IC on the front of the motherboard (below):

1: Media Tek-MT6833V-Dimensity 700 octa-core processor

2: Samsung-KMDP6001DA-B425-4GB memory + 64GB flash memory

3: Media Tek-MT6360UP-power management chip

4:Media Tek-MT6631N- WiFi/BT/GPS/GLONASS/FM chip

5:Silicon Integrated- SIA8109 – Smart Audio Amplifier

6:Smarter Micro-S15728- L-FEM

7:Smarter Micro-S55255-L-PAMiF

Main IC on the back of the motherboard (below):

1: Media Tek-MT6365VPW-power management chip

2: Media Tek-MT6190MV-RF Transceiver

3: 2pcs Smarter Micro-S15728-L-FEM


Galaxy A22 5G adoptsHuizhi Microelectronics 5G RF Front-end Solution, including a total of 4 chip modules.

According to public information, A22 adopts the RF front-end solution of Huizhi Microelectronics’ global 5G new frequency band.1 S55255n77/78/79 L-PAMiF for transmit and receive and3 S15728n77/78/79 L-FEM for reception. The 4 chip modules are the second-generation 5G RF front-end of Huizhi MicroelectronicsAgiFEM5G®2.0 series products.

inS55255It is an RF module integrating PA, filter, LNA, SRS switch and RF transceiver switch, which is almost the highest integration level of the current 5G RF front-end. 2 or even 3 similar chips can be directly packaged with a size of 5.5×4.5mmS55255 alternative. This not only saves PCB layout space, but also effectively reduces costs.

actually,Huizhi Microelectronics S55255This 5G radio frequency chip was dismantled in eWisetechOPPO K7xIt has been used in China. At that time, it was the first time that eWiseTech saw the application of domestic RF front-end since dismantling 5G mobile phones.

summary information

The internal structure of the Galaxy A22 5G is simple and easy to disassemble. It is worth noting that many domestic chips are used in the whole machine. Especially in the 5G radio frequency solution, the highly integrated 5G L-PAMiF radio frequency module of Huizhi Microelectronics is directly adopted, and a complete set of 5G new frequency band solutions.

In the 4G era, foreign companies such as Skyworks, Avago, Murata, and Qualcomm occupied most of the RF front-end market, but this has changed in the 5G era. This may also confirm from the side that the market of the RF industry is slowly changing. The advent of the 5G era has brought new opportunities for the domestic RF industry. (Editor: Judy)

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