Today, @iQOO mobile phone official announced that iQOO Neo6 will be equipped with a game control system led by under-screen dual-control pressure sensing, dual-line linear motors and closed three-dimensional double lifts. The majority of mobile game players bring a sense of control and immersion.

For mobile game parties, manipulation is extremely critical, and it is the direct medium for players to enter the game world. iQOO’s unique full-dimensional game control system has an extremely advanced control concept, and has been well received by users since its birth. Taking the under-screen double-press control as an example, on the basis of having the same function as the game shoulder key, a more restrained “off-screen” design is adopted, which can change two fingers into four fingers, save the large-scale movement operation of the index finger, and fully Give full play to the flexible mobility of the thumb. At the same time, compared with the physical shoulder keys that need to exist independently on the body, double pressing is less “offensive” in appearance, and product designers can design it in a more mainstream style when designing iQOO Neo6.

In addition to the dual-pressure control under the screen, the dual-line linear motor and closed three-dimensional double lift also bring users an immersive gaming experience. Just as 1+1 is greater than 1, no matter how good the vibration effect of a single motor is, for a large-screen mobile phone, it is impossible to provide users with diversified vibration feedback on the left and right sides of the body in the horizontal screen state, while the dual-line The motors are distributed on the left and right sides of the fuselage, which can bring a variety of combined vibration experiences according to the needs of different games. As for the closed three-dimensional dual speakers, whether it is listening to the sound during the game or playing the game BGM, it is inseparable from its contribution.

The Snapdragon 8 and the independent display chip Pro bring peak performance and high-frame experience, and the game control system led by dual pressure under the screen creates an immersive experience. iQOO Neo6 may live up to the name of the flagship of gaming performance.

Reviewing editor: Fu Qianjiang

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