Now when assembling game computers, most people will choose Intel’s eight generation processor series. Among them, the best-selling i58400 almost conceals the brilliance of AMD’s sharp dragon processor. Because of this, Intel’s eight generation processor began to rise in price.

As we all know, the performance of the eighth generation i5 series processor is equivalent to the performance of the seventh generation i7. The 6-core, 6-thread, 2.8GhZ core technology has been able to do most of the complex and tedious work. Is it necessary to use the eighth generation i7 Processor? Will there be some performance waste

With the continuous updating of game developers, the game not only has high requirements for graphics cards, but also has an increasing demand for processors. The optimization of multithreading is increasing. According to the idea of fighting the future, i7 8700k has an absolute advantage. But now, many people can’t use multithreading, and game manufacturers won’t optimize multithreading so quickly. Amd sharp dragon has been pursuing the advantage of multithreading, but fewer and fewer people are willing to pay for it, and they are tired of counting every day.

A truth most people understand is that it is more important to be enough and practical. The foolish pursuit of performance only results in playing games like hero League, which is just a low-level operation to show off wealth and is not worth learning. Therefore, in the current situation, buying an i5 8400 is enough for you to use for several years without elimination. For those students who want to go to i7, that is, they need live broadcasting, or your professional software operation needs the advantage of multithreading, or you don’t need money at all. If you make money by your own hands, I like it for you.

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