In two days, we will have a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday, followed by the National Day holiday. Everyone has his own choice about how to take a holiday. Besides busy work, inviting three or five friends to play basketball and sweating is also a way to relax.

Glory released an intelligent wearable device for basketball at the beginning of this month, and invited well-known NBA star Tracy McGrady for endorsement. As the same model of McGrady, the glory Bracelet 5 basketball version not only has the function of sports bracelet, but also innovatively introduces the basketball mode, which can record ten basketball sports data, which can be said to be the gospel of basketball fans. Today, let’s talk about this bracelet.

How about glory Bracelet 5 basketball version? Is it easy to use

Glory Bracelet 5 basketball version: basketball + running dual mode attack

In the past, the simple step counting, motion monitoring and other functions of the smart bracelet can no longer meet the requirements of sports players. The glory Bracelet 5 basketball version is equipped with a more professional six axis sensor, which can not only calculate the movement cycle, but also calculate the rotation angle of the object in space, so as to better detect the posture changes when moving.

Specifically, it is vertical jump number, vertical jump height (maximum vertical jump height, average vertical jump height and each vertical jump height), flight time (maximum flight time, average flight time and each flight time), movement speed (fastest movement speed, average movement speed and movement speed distribution), movement time, movement distance, heat, step number, active time These data are also common information for professional basketball players to analyze training and competition results. In addition, the glory Bracelet 5 basketball version will also give targeted adjustment suggestions according to user data, and users can also join the group PK to share the fun of basketball with friends.

Through these professional data, the glory Bracelet 5 basketball Edition allows ordinary people to understand their own basketball level without professional team and equipment. If they analyze and improve it, they can improve their basketball ability. Just as the saying goes, “if you want to do something well, you must first use the tools”. Only with professional equipment can you improve your professional ability.

Of course, the six axis sensor of the glory Bracelet 5 basketball version is not only used for basketball, but also supports running, a popular sport loved by men, women and children. It also supports up to seven professional running data, including landing mode, landing impact, touchdown time, stride frequency, stride length, eversion range and swing angle. You can also use these data to improve your running performance, Reduce the risk of injury due to wrong running posture.

Different ways to wear the bracelet

The glory Bracelet 5 basketball edition can not only record the movement data of running and basketball, but also make innovations in the way of wearing, supporting the conventional wrist wearing and more accurate foot wearing.

Wrist wear is the most commonly used way, almost all bracelets are worn like this, otherwise it will not be called “hand” ring.

In addition to the motion monitoring function, the glory Bracelet 5 basketball version can also be used as a watch, alarm clock, information prompt, telephone prompt, etc., which is suitable for daily use.

The foot wearing mode is a great innovation of the glory Bracelet 5 basketball version. It can take out the beans of the main body of the bracelet (it is detachable design) and tie them on the shoelaces. The advantage of this is that the monitored movement data is more accurate. Whether it is basketball or running, when wearing the foot, it can accurately track multiple movement data through the upgraded algorithm of glory and professional team cooperation, Improve professionalism.

In addition, with the Huawei sports health app, the glory Bracelet 5 basketball version can also realize the connection of two devices. In the running shoe wearing mode, it can connect another glory watch / bracelet on sale, making the data monitoring more comprehensive and further improving the accuracy of the data.

Glory Bracelet 5 basketball version lasts up to 2 weeks, the price is only 129 yuan

Glory Bracelet 5 basketball version of basketball and running professional sports data monitoring function makes it become the king of sports Bracelet segmentation field, but this is not all of it, regardless of the ability of professional sports, glory Bracelet 5 basketball version is also an excellent sports bracelet.

The basketball version of glory Bracelet 5 is made of recycled and renewable fiber. It has six color versions, namely, seagull grey, Sakura pink, starshine yellow, denim blue, Wanyi red and Nebula purple. With the all-in-one woven wristband, it has excellent air permeability and won’t make you feel uncomfortable when you sweat. With its high-performance and low-power processor and power-saving algorithm, the basketball version of glory Bracelet 5 has the advantages of high air permeability and low power consumption, It can achieve super long standby for 21 days, typical working for 2 weeks, long-term wearing without pressure.

In addition, the glory Bracelet 5 basketball version also supports more than 20 functions, such as regular information reminder, telephone reminder, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, etc. it also supports 50 meter waterproof, and can be worn for bathing and swimming, which is suitable for a variety of sports occasions.

If you are a sports enthusiast or a teenager who is keen on sports at home, you may as well take advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday to start with this glory Bracelet 5 basketball version, so that you can fully enjoy the fun of basketball during the holiday. The price is only 129 yuan, which can be purchased from five platforms: vmall mall, glory Jingdong self operated flagship store, tmall glory official flagship store, glory Suning self operated flagship store and glory personal selection. Interested partners may as well pay attention to one wave.

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