On May 18th, Horizon, the leader of China’s intelligent driving chip, announced that it has formally reached a strategic cooperation with QCraft, the world’s leading L4 autonomous driving general solution company. Chips, as well as Qingzhou’s self-developed integrated solution for driving and mooring, are jointly developed and adapted to jointly create a high-level autonomous driving pre-installation mass production solution.

By integrating Qingzhou’s world-leading self-driving full-stack technology advantages and Horizon’s advanced technology and mass production experience in the field of automotive-grade artificial intelligence chips, the two parties will work together to promote the R&D, innovation and widespread implementation of high-level autonomous driving solutions. It is expected that in the third quarter of 2022, the self-driving prototype vehicles based on the Journey 5 chip will be open for road testing; by 2023, the high-level autonomous driving solution jointly developed by the two parties based on the Journey 5 chip will reach the mass production level.

At the same time, the two parties will also promote in-depth cooperation in the fields of automotive autonomous driving and intelligent technology research, product research and development, and resource promotion to form a comprehensive, long-term and stable strategic partnership. Help the long-term development of the domestic autonomous driving industry. The strong alliance between Qingzhou Zhihang and Horizon has created a benchmark and model of “algorithm + chip” collaborative innovation in the era of large-scale autonomous driving, helping to build a prosperous smart car mother ecology.

Yu Qian, founder and CEO of Qingzhou Zhihang, said, “Driven by multiple factors such as policies, technologies, and markets, the autonomous driving industry is ushering in a golden turning point in development. The cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry requires close coupling and joint development. In order to create greater value for customers. Horizon is a leader in the field of automotive-grade AI chips, has established an open ecological environment, and is an important ecological partner in the field of autonomous driving computing platforms. We will work together to create a highly competitive The autonomous driving solution helps customers continue to innovate with cost-effective products and solutions, and accelerates the widespread implementation of autonomous driving technology.”

Dr. Yu Kai, the founder and chief scientist of Horizon, said, “Smart cars will become the next ‘mother ecology’ in the field of human science and technology. Extensive and in-depth industrial linkage is needed to achieve real large-scale implementation. Qingzhou has excellent algorithms and autonomous driving. Full-stack software capabilities and excellent engineering delivery capabilities. As an important ecological partner of Horizon, we have a high resonance for jointly building an open ecosystem. Mass production is the primary standard for testing product technology. I believe that through strategic cooperation between the two parties, we can accelerate The large-scale implementation of high-level autonomous driving will accelerate the pace of industry innovation and bring the era of smart cars to come sooner.”

Horizon’s high-performance, high-computing, and full-scenario intelligent central computing chip for the entire vehicle—Journey®5

According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will also carry out key cooperation in the fields of advanced driver assistance (ADAS), autonomous driving, intelligent human-computer interaction, and AI capacity building in the mass production of pre-installed passenger vehicles. Horizon will provide smart car solutions based on “chip + AI development platform”, and support Qingzhou’s diversification of full-scenario smart driving technology through car-grade AI chips, on-board computing platforms, visual perception, human-computer interaction and other technologies need. Relying on the resource advantages of their respective industries, the two parties will also actively carry out joint marketing promotion, based on the autonomous driving solution, to realize the landing of more passenger car pre-installation mass production projects.

As a light, fast, and efficient technology-based autonomous driving company, Qingzhou Zhihang has created a leading high-efficiency methodology “autonomous driving super factory”, and driven by the “dual engine” strategy, it has launched the fourth generation of mass production DBQ V4, a car-level autonomous driving solution, supports national production configuration, and only needs 10% of the cost to achieve 99% of L4 capabilities, helping customers to innovate efficiently with a cost-effective solution. Horizon, as the only company in China that has achieved pre-installation mass production of automotive-grade AI chips, is also currently the only provider of smart chip solutions covering all scenarios from L2 to L4, and is an industry promoter for building an open source, open and innovative ecosystem. Through the in-depth strategic integration and long-term investment of the two parties, they will jointly help customers and partners continue to innovate, accelerate the widespread implementation of autonomous driving technology, and bring high-level autonomous driving into reality.

Qingzhou Zhihang DBQ V4 —— the fourth generation of mass-produced car-level automatic driving solution

With the assembly of more abundant sensors and the gradual application of computing platforms with large computing power, high-level autonomous driving is rapidly entering the “mass production era”. Qingzhou Zhihang and Horizon are the leading companies in the domestic autonomous driving software and chip fields respectively. The two parties will use the determination of strong alliance and strategic investment to realize the mutual empowerment of technology and continue to provide the industry with more innovative and cost-effective solutions. The autonomous driving solution promotes the large-scale application of high-level autonomous driving technology and jointly drives the new development of China’s autonomous driving industry.

Reviewing editor: Peng Jing

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