During the China Auto Chuangzhi Ecological Partner Conference, Horizon and China Auto Chuangzhi, an innovative auto high-tech enterprise, jointly established the "Next-Generation AI Chip Joint Innovation Development Laboratory" (hereinafter referred to as the "Joint Laboratory"). Shen Jianrong, Deputy Mayor of Nanjing and Secretary of Jiangning District Party Committee, Zhang Huiqi, Director of Jiangning Development Zone Management Committee, Yu Xudong, Deputy Director, Li Fengjun, CEO of China Automotive Technology, and Dr. Chen Liming, President of Horizon attended the unveiling ceremony of the joint laboratory.

Horizon and China Automotive Chuangzhi jointly established the "next-generation AI chip joint innovation and development laboratory"

Positioned as a "collaborative innovation platform, high-tech incubator, talent gathering and training base", the joint laboratory is committed to building a first-class AI chip and algorithm technology team, becoming an international leading AI chip research and development institution, and supporting the development of the entire intelligent driving industry chain .

CATIC Chuangzhi is an important cooperation achievement of China's FAW, Dongfeng and Changan Automobile's in-depth vehicle manufacturing and intelligent R&D. Since its establishment in June 2020, the company has focused on the research and development of intelligent chassis, hydrogen fuel power, and intelligent network connectivity, and has carried out forward-looking, common, platform, and core technology research and development and industrial incubation, and strives to create a "source of original technology" in the automotive industry. ”, focus on conquering key core technologies, and deeply cooperate with outstanding enterprises in the industry chain to promote the innovation and development of the intelligent automobile industry. CATIC and Horizon have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in July 2020. As the first batch of strategic partners, the two parties will jointly explore and develop market-leading intelligent and connected automotive technology products. The establishment of the joint laboratory is further proof of the deepening of cooperation between the two parties.

In the future, the two parties will jointly meet the needs of the innovation and development of smart cars, relying on the joint laboratory to conduct research on common and forward-looking technologies in AI chips and AI perception algorithms, strive to break through key core technologies, and promote application demonstrations and products of research results. industrialization.

As a global leader in edge artificial intelligence computing platforms, Horizon has launched a series of AI chips and solutions with extreme performance and openness and ease of use in the field of intelligent driving. Numerous partners drive new business value. Up to now, as many as 11 models equipped with Horizon Journey 2 and Journey 3 chips have been officially announced. The third-generation vehicle-grade product, Journey 5, released this year, has both high performance and large computing power. The AI ​​computing power of a single chip is 128TOPS, and it supports 16-channel camera perception computing. It can support the multi-sensor fusion required for vehicle intelligence, Forecasting and planning control needs.

Based on its core advantages in automotive-grade AI chips and artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as the openness and empowerment of development tool chains and AI development tool platforms, Horizon will support China Auto Chuangzhi to achieve diversified product technology development needs and continue to drive industrial innovation. breakthrough. In the future, the two parties will continue to deepen the open and win-win mass production partnership, provide the industry with more innovative and breakthrough products and services, and jointly create a smart future for automobiles.

Original title: Co-construction of Industrial Collaborative Ecology | Horizon and China Automotive Technology Co-constructed a joint laboratory to accelerate the industrialization of smart car core technologies

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