Recently, Honor officially announced that the Honor 60 series will be officially released on December 1. The Honor 60 series may bring three models, namely Honor 60 Pro, Honor 60 SE and Honor 60 Standard Edition, and the upcoming Honor 60 The series is highly anticipated.

In appearance, the Honor 60 series continues to use the aesthetic gene design of the Honor digital series. Compared with the previous generation of the Honor 50 series, it has a major upgrade in craftsmanship and is equipped with a more advanced texture. The screen uses a micro-curved screen with a hole in the center and supports a high refresh rate of 120HZ. The core configuration will be equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor and support 66W wireless charging power.

In addition, the imaging capabilities of the Honor 60 series will also be greatly upgraded, bringing users a good photo experience. The Honor 60 series is officially called the 2021 mobile phone face value ceiling by Honor. It seems that the experience of the Honor 60 series in all aspects should be good.
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