Recently, organized by the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Huadu District Committee of the Communist Party of China, a special media exchange activity was carried out with the theme of "Exploring the Road of Rural Revitalization and Urban Development at the Same Frequency and Resonance". More than 50 central, provincial and municipal mainstream media, including People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency, conducted discussions on the study and education of party history, spiritual civilization construction, rural revitalization, high-end intelligent manufacturing, business environment, cultural tourism development, education improvement and expansion in our district. Sort out the interview.

Hongli Zhihui, as an excellent high-end intelligent manufacturing enterprise, is part of this event. The company's chairman and president Li Jundong received the interview group and answered questions from reporters. Hongli's Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display technology once again attracted widespread media attention.

Media friends pay attention to Hongli Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display technology

For a long time, Hongli Zhihui has always adhered to the road of technological innovation, led by science and technology, and promoted the company to achieve high-quality leap-forward development. In 2018, it took the lead in deploying Mini / Micro LED semiconductor display technology, and stood on the same starting line with domestic and foreign head display companies.

Through continuous exploration and excellence in process technology, Hongli Zhihui has mastered the industry's advanced semiconductor display technology, formed its own unique Mini LED product process route, and greatly improved product performance. Especially in the color consistency and seam processing of display products, it has been unanimously recognized by many customers, and has established good cooperative relations with many first-line brand enterprises at home and abroad.

Media friends pay attention to Hongli Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display products

In addition, with the strong support of the Huadu District Party Committee and District Government, the first phase of the Hongli Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display project was successfully put into operation in December 2020, and the second phase of the project was also fully launched in April 2021. It is expected to be completed in 2022. It was put into use in the first half of the year, and the annual output value is about 4 billion yuan after full production.

Li Jundong, chairman and president of Hongli Zhihui, said that the company has developed rapidly in recent years and achieved gratifying results, thanks to Huadu District's adherence to the strategy of "intelligently building districts and strong hub districts", striving to strengthen "big transportation" and upgrade "industry" chain" and cultivate "new consumption". At the same time, adhering to the development concept of being pro-business, loving business and service-oriented, strengthening the interaction between government and enterprises, creating an excellent business environment for enterprises, and opening a new chapter in the high-quality development of the hub economy.

Li Jundong, chairman and president of Hongli Zhihui, was interviewed by the media

Mini/Micro LED display technology is a key technology in my country's 14th Five-Year Plan "New Display and Strategic Electronic Materials". Hongli Zhihui will continue to deepen the research and development of Mini/Micro LED technology and products. Seize the commanding heights of the development of the display industry and provide technical support for Guangzhou to build a "world display capital".

In the future, Hongli Zhihui will also closely focus on the national 14th Five-Year Development Plan, actively integrate into the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and rely on the scientific research strength of self-reliance and innovation, while achieving high-quality development of the enterprise, pioneering and enterprising, for the Promote technological transformation and intelligent upgrading of domestic manufacturing industries, and contribute to building an innovative country.

Original title: Guangzhou Huadu explores the road of co-frequency resonance between rural revitalization and urban development, and Hongli Mini LED project attracts attention again

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