The power meter is an instrument for measuring electric power, which consists of a power sensor and a power indicator, while the RF power meter is a high-performance portable ultra-high frequency power meter for measuring various complex waveforms, which can effectively solve the frequency and frequency of complex waveforms. The problem of amplitude is improved, the reliability of the instrument is improved, and the price is low, which can be applied to the measurement and maintenance in the field of wireless communication.

product description

Hongke HK-TT7000 is a compact multi-function RF instrument, which integrates microwave frequency meter, power meter, signal generator, RF divider and prescaler. It can be used as an independent device. It can also be operated from a PC via USB.

Hongke HK-TT7000 is very simple to set up and use. Only a standard 5V MicroUSB cable is required for stand-alone use. Can be powered via a computer USB port, a USB hub, a wall charging adapter, or a Li-Ion battery pack. No data connection required. Once the device is powered and the front power button is pressed, the TT7000 will boot into dual meter mode and begin displaying the detected RF power level and constant wave frequency.

Hongke HK-TT7000 can be operated remotely using SCPI commands through the USB virtual COM port. The Windows GUI application provides power meter and frequency counter modes, and there is also a GUI application for controlling the signal generator mode.


use mode

When using Hongke HK-TT7000, press and hold the MODE button for half a second to cycle to the next system mode, including dual meter mode, power meter mode, frequency meter mode, signal generator mode and RF divider mode.

Dual meter mode: displays power level and frequency meter with fast refresh rate and low average;

Power Meter Mode: Displays more precise power levels in a more even manner with higher refresh rates (-50 to +5 dBm) with greater readability and larger display size;

Frequency Meter Mode: Displays frequency input in MHz counts, longer gate time, and higher precision displayed in large fonts (50-7000MHz);

Signal Generator Mode: Displays the frequency output on the RF SMA port. Up/down step buttons to change frequency (300-4800MHz);

RF divider mode: Displays the current divider ratio between the user’s input frequency and the SG SMA output port. Step up/down buttons to change the divide ratio (2/4/8).

Prescaler mode (optional): Displays the split between the user’s RF input and the RF signal on the prescaler output port (16/32/64/128/256)


The main parameters

Power meter bandwidth: 50-7000MHz

Counter bandwidth: 100-7000MHz

RF power meter accuracy: ±1.0dB (typ.)

RF power meter resolution: 0.01dB

Counter Resolution: 1KHz

Generator Range: 300MHz-9.6GHz

Generator Frequency Resolution: 10Hz

Power output level: -35 to >+10dBm

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