The countries with high forest coverage in the world are inevitably in danger of mountain fires every year. Now, firefighters have become “the profession with the most sacrifices in peacetime”. In addition, can we have better scientific and technological means to protect their lives when the mountain fires explode, and use AI, drones and other technologies to avoid danger and rescue, and minimize the damage?

As far as Hongdae knows, the difficulty of mountain fire rescue lies in the inability to predict and control the overall fire situation in real time, so early monitoring is the key. Most of the fires discovered by fire agencies are only known by receiving a 119 fire alarm call, but it is difficult to control how long the fire has been burning and how it spreads.

In order to achieve the fastest detection and forecast of forest fires, the Honghe AI ​​forest fire safety warning application platform conducts all-weather 360-degree AI detection on the fire monitoring area. When the fire situation is determined, the early warning message will be pushed in time, and the fire location information, fire scene photos and videos will be pushed at the same time.

In the process of fighting the mountain fire, firefighters used firefighting drones to detect the fire at close range. After the data is processed by the platform, the high-definition image data obtained by the drone can control the precise data such as the fire point location information, the fire spread trend, and the wind direction change in real time.

In the command work of fire fighting and disaster relief, Honghe AI ​​forest fire safety early warning application platform dynamically displays the topography, vegetation, materials, and geographic information of fire fighting team in real time through GIS, live broadcasts the fire situation in real time, and estimates the area and spread of the fire. Trends, combined with mobile weather stations, push on-site meteorological information in real time, providing decision-making basis for forest fire risk prediction, fire location, forest fire fighting, decision-making and command, post-disaster assessment, and statistical analysis and information release of disaster-affected situations. The fire fighting plan provides a sand table to deduce the fire process, formulate fire fighting plans in advance, and quickly use historical plans or fire fighting plans when a real fire occurs, reducing the time for formulating fire fighting plans and improving command efficiency.

Assist fire fighting decision

Intelligently query the fire fighting route through the GIS map, display the surrounding materials, personnel, mountains, roads, rivers, etc., locate the front-line fire-fighting personnel in real time, provide an auxiliary basis for the formulation of the fire-fighting plan, and notify the front-line fire-fighting personnel of the plan in time. .

Fire spread analysis

The fire spread trend is calculated through the forest fire combustion model. Based on the natural, geographical and forest conditions of the site, combined with the prevailing wind direction, wind speed and other conditions, the process of the fire spread can be visually and dynamically simulated to form a systematic forest fire behavior prediction model library.

Wind direction sudden change warning

By accessing the data of the mobile weather station, the monitoring point wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and other information will be pushed in real time. When the monitoring of the on-site wind direction and wind speed changes reaches the threshold, an early warning will be sent immediately, providing an important basis for the temporary command of the fire fighting site.

Real-time update of fire fighting plan

By updating and modifying the fire fighting plan, it is pushed to the fire fighting personnel in real time, replacing the complexity of the traditional plan update and issuing, and realizing the real-time update of the fire fighting plan.

Prepare forest fire emergency plan and conduct sand table fire deduction

Simulate the fire process in the 3D map, simulate the firefighting actions of personnel according to geographical elements, formulate a special firefighting plan that clearly covers personnel and materials, and formulate a firefighting plan according to the emergency plan after a fire occurs. Make adjustments in a timely manner.

Honghe AI ​​forest fire safety early warning application platform’s rapid early warning judgment, remote technology and big data connection are making forest fire prevention and fire fighting command a more active task. Honghe Group has been committed to the research and development and application of artificial intelligence technology, hoping to use advanced science and technology to save lives, protect property, and contribute to the protection of precious forest resources.

Honghe Group


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The group has now passed the ISO9001 international quality standard system and CMMI5 software maturity certification, and has professional qualifications such as system integration, security, building intelligence, telecom value-added services, and information security. The title of “National High-tech Enterprise”. The group has applied for more than 30 invention patents, obtained more than 60 soft works, and participated in the formulation of artificial intelligence image recognition standards.

Honghe Group continues to invest in research and development, is committed to promoting the popularization and development of artificial intelligence application services, and continuously creates value for the entire industry and the entire society. Relying on neural network, computer vision, semantic recognition and big data technology, and using 4G and 5G communication technologies, the Group has comprehensively built artificial intelligence application products, so that more teams, organizations and society can benefit from artificial intelligence.

Original title: When wildfires occur, Honghe AI ​​will be smarter for fire fighting and disaster relief

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