With the development of smart city, the intelligent lamp post with multiple functions plays an important role in smart city construction carrier and data entry. It can complete the collection, release and transmission of information from lighting, public security, municipal administration, meteorology, environmental protection, communication and other industries, so as to realize the accurate management of various fields of the city and the intensive utilization of urban resources. All provinces and cities have come out with policies and measures to strengthen the construction of smart light pole infrastructure.

Hongdian is committed to promoting the development of industry + Internet of things and supporting the intelligent transformation and upgrading of light poles in the later stage

Taking Shenzhen and Guangzhou as examples, Shenzhen plans to invest 3.9 billion yuan in the construction of smart poles from 2019 to 2022, and the planned number of light poles will reach 25000! Guangzhou launched the “three year action plan for accelerating the development of new digital infrastructure in Guangzhou (2020-2022)”. This national action plan for digital new infrastructure took the lead in writing the “smart light pole” into the new infrastructure action plan, and proposed that by 2025, the city will have 80000.

The technology in the field of Internet of things of smart light pole is complex, including communication, video monitoring, lighting, environmental monitoring, transportation, information release, energy, operation and maintenance and other systems. The integration of multi domain technology of the Internet of things makes the overall system complex and highly integrated, which requires high professional requirements. It is necessary to consider the compatibility and cooperation of various systems, and the elastic expansion of light poles. Enterprises involved in the scheme need to have long-term experience accumulation and collaborative cooperation between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to provide integrated solution support.

As the market pioneer of the Internet of things and M2M industry in China, Hongdian is the first batch of IOT wireless communication enterprises engaged in the R & D and production of application products in mobile communication industry and promoting the wireless digital transformation of the industry. For 23 years, it has been committed to promoting the development of industry + Internet of things and providing reliable, safe and end-to-end solutions.

For the smart light pole integrated system is connected with a large number of Internet of things sensor acquisition equipment, a powerful device is needed to connect the above systems and carry a large amount of data transmission. Macro electric provides the industrial intelligent IOT gateway + platform scheme with edge computing capability, opens the data link, and based on 4G wireless network coverage, realizes real-time return of HD monitoring video of urban road and intelligent lighting Remote control, real-time collection and transmission of environmental monitoring information, real-time release of multimedia information, remote operation and maintenance management of the platform can meet the requirements of global data management of various elements in the city, and are suitable for the application of “smart light pole”, “5g multi-function pole” and “multi-functional information pole”.

Advantages of Hongdian intelligent road lamp pole scheme

It can realize 4G / 5G, WiFi, wired multi network access at the same time, multi network backup switching

Macro independently developed multi parameter and multi-function combination switching function, which can realize flexible and fast communication switching of multiple servers and switching of multiple operators with single card. At the same time, it can support 5g network and realize multi-channel high-definition video monitoring. For scenes without 5g network, it can perform multi network backup switching to ensure stable network connection and accurate and complete data acquisition.

High expansibility supports the intelligent transformation and upgrading of light poles in the later stage

Support RJ45, USB, RS232, RS485, can, GPIO rich industrial interface, and external expansion interface, support standard serial port, interface, can be extended to connect a variety of lower computer, the system has strong scalability, avoid re wiring or purchase new control equipment, increase the deployment cost.

Local data processing and edge analysis decision

Smart light poles produce a large amount of data, such as lighting management data, security video data, environmental protection monitoring data, meteorological monitoring data and other data information. Macro Electric Industrial gateway has 512MB large memory and 8g EMMC, which can facilitate users to store audio, video and operation data locally. Data edge processing reduces cloud processing pressure and improves data processing capacity and corresponding speed. It can also realize different applications such as predictive maintenance and local control strategy.

It is compatible with various protocols of smart lamp pole equipment to realize seamless docking between equipment and platform

Macro has a comprehensive protocol library, compatible with COAP / mqtt / HTTPS / can / Modbus / PROFINET and other industrial protocols and protocol conversion, which can solve the problems of field equipment access and interconnection.

It can adapt to all kinds of complex application environment deployment

The industrial intelligent gateway inside the lamp post adopts high industrial standard from processing chip, communication module to electronic device, with IP30 protection grade, no fan cooling, wide temperature and wide voltage. It meets the EMC industrial level 4 electromagnetic compatibility requirements, and can withstand various extreme weather and temperature, and is not afraid of voltage fluctuation, high electromagnetic radiation, wet dust invasion and other harsh conditions.

Customized development of access device management platform and smart lamp post platform

The industrial intelligent IOT gateway supports access to macro webora cloud management platform. The device cloud can view the actual operation of the equipment in real time, realize remote upgrade and data configuration for online equipment, realize centralized management of transmission terminal equipment, remote monitoring and maintenance, and provide customized development of smart lamp pole platform to realize remote management of single light switch and dimming at the platform end , control, video monitoring, information release, real-time alarm push and other information, greatly expanding the access range and perception ability of street lamp Internet of things.

According to CTIA’s prediction, the market scale of various hardware and services with smart light poles as the entrance will be 3.7 trillion yuan in 2021, accounting for 20% of the total market size of smart cities. Smart lamppost integrates multi device linkage, relying on powerful back-end system, complex software platform, and high requirements for network connection. Acer has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and has strong system integration ability, software and hardware integration ability and overall scheme ability. In the future, it will link the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and help the smart lamp pole truly realize “smart pole”, “smart road”, “smart car” and “smart product” “Wisdom pile”, “wisdom garden” and “wisdom chain” are all-weather and multi factor state perception of smart city.

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