HOLTEK Launches BC66F2235/2245/2255 Touch RF Transmitter MCU

Holtek launched a new touch-type Sub-1GHz OOK/FSK RF transmitter Flash MCU BC66F2235 / BC66F2245 / BC66F2255, which integrates RF transmitter + touch key + A/D Flash MCU as SoC chip. Powerful functions meet the application requirements of RF + Touch products, such as wireless doorbells, wall touch switches, integrated ceiling remote control, smart drying rack remote control and other products.

The MCU resources of the BC66F22x5 series are 2K/4K/8K×16 Flash ROM, 352×8 RAM, 2 groups of 10-bit CTM and 1 group of 10-bit PTM, 1/4/4 channel 12-bit ADC, IAP function, SPI /I²C and UART interface. Provides 8/14/16 touch keys, with a single touch key standby current < 4µA @ 3V/25°C ultra-low power consumption. Programmable RF transmit power up to +13dBm, and RF characteristics comply with ETSI/FCC specifications.

The BC66F22x5 series are available in 16NSOP-EP/24SSOP-EP/32QFN packages, which meet the industrial temperature range of -40℃~85℃. Holtek has a professional RF and Touch service team to provide technical support and quickly introduce various product development applications.

KSTAR charging pile won the top ten innovative brands in China's charging facility industry

The 5th China (Hangzhou) International Electric Vehicle Charging Technology Exhibition and the 6th China (Hangzhou) International Electric Vehicle Expo were held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. During the exhibition, the "Second Open Class of China's Electric Travel Ecosystem" and the "Second Award Ceremony for Charging and Swapping Facilities and Supporting Facilities in the World of Pile Point" were also held. Top 10 Entrepreneurial Brands".

Relying on strong R&D strength and advanced core technology, KSTAR stands out in this selection. Winning this honor represents the industry's recognition of KSTAR's strength and quality. On the way forward, KSTAR charging piles Adhering to the concept of "customer-oriented, ingenuity as quality", we will continue to contribute to the development of new energy business.

In 2013, KSTAR entered the new energy vehicle industry with a comprehensive layout and new efforts to provide users with high-quality electric vehicle charging system solutions. Kestar electric vehicle charging pile products have the advantages of modular design, high protection, high safety, high adaptability, etc., which can meet the construction needs of large, medium and small charging stations in the society, and can provide customized solutions according to customer application needs. Program Services.

KSTAR charging piles have covered many cities in China and continue to become the new terminal of smart cities, adding impetus to the vigorous development of new energy industry.

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