Holtek launched ht66fw2350 special flash MCU for wireless charging transmitter, with built-in AM demodulation circuit, overcurrent protection, 16 bit multiplier and divider, high-precision PWM generator and other functions required by wireless charging transmitter.

Ht66fw2350 provides two groups of AM demodulation transformer circuits, which can perform voltage demodulation transformer and current demodulation transformer at the same time. The built-in magnification of this demodulation transformer circuit can be set by software from 1 to 50 times. Customers can dynamically adjust this magnification according to the wireless charging system under light load and heavy load to improve the success rate of communication.

The wireless charging transmitter adjusts the power through PWM. This MCU has built-in high-precision PWM generator, which can adjust the frequency (0.1khz / step), duty cycle (0.042% / step) and phase (0.15 º / step). It has built-in hardware FSK function, is compatible with WPC Qi specification, and implements PID algorithm with 16 bit multiplier and divider to achieve stable and fast wireless charging power adjustment.

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