Holtek has newly launched bh67f2752 for infrared temperature measurement applications, integrating thermofile AFE and LCD driver, which can be widely used in LCD infrared temperature measurement products, such as ear temperature gun, forehead temperature gun, infrared thermometer, etc.

Bh67f2752 built-in thermopile AFE (OPA, LDO, PGA and 24 bit delta sigma A / D), 128 × 8. True EEPROM can be calibrated automatically during production through software, and UART / SPI can be connected to interface equipment (such as Bluetooth). Combining the above characteristics can reduce the number of product parts and reduce the cost. In terms of system resources, bh67f2752 has 8K × 16 Flash Program Memory、384 × 8 ram and timer module.

Bh67f2752 provides 48 / 64 pin LQFP packaging. The hardware uses E-Link and bh67v2752 with special OCDs (on chip debug support) architecture, which can provide customers with rapid development and simulation to achieve the purpose of time to market.

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