Recently, the new crown epidemic in Hong Kong has affected everyone’s heart. The daily number of confirmed cases remains high, and the pressure of community epidemic prevention and control is very difficult. Many confirmed cases live in the same room with their family members and cannot be isolated in time, increasing the risk of infection.

Xunfei Medical paid close attention to the epidemic situation in Hong Kong, and organized rescue forces, coordinated social resources, and mobilized materials urgently. On the afternoon of February 27, a “iFlytek Support Hong Kong Material Car” full of anti-epidemic materials departed from the headquarters and traveled day and night to help Hong Kong to help Hong Kong win the battle against the new crown epidemic.

The anti-epidemic materials donated by Xunfei Medical include: protective clothing, medical gloves, isolation masks, protective masks, alcohol spray and other products that are highly demanded for epidemic protection. It also provides rich and high-quality daily necessities to reduce the number of local residents going out. Risk of purchasing living materials and social contact. At present, the batch of supplies has arrived in Hong Kong and will be handed over to local medical institutions for unified deployment and timely distribution to families who are isolated at home to help monitor and protect the epidemic.

While paying close attention to the epidemic in Hong Kong, iFLYTEK Medical will continue to practice its original intention and mission with actions as always! On the one hand, it helps Hong Kong compatriots to tide over the difficulties with the practical actions of donation. On the other hand, it insists on giving full play to the advantages of artificial intelligence technology in medical treatment to assist in epidemic prevention and control, and continues to uphold the spirit of science and technology for good, and actively promote artificial intelligence technology in medical and other livelihood fields. .

What is it like to have no clothes, and to share the same clothes with children! Hong Kong has never fought alone. Iflytek and all sectors of the motherland will continue to pay attention and support, we will eventually usher in a comprehensive victory in the fight against the epidemic. Come on Hong Kong!

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