Highpoint extends its external nvme product line with the end-to-end PCIe 3.0 x16 external m.2 nvme RAID storage solution ssd6540m.

Highpoint nvme storage solution SSD 6540m expands its external nvme product line

Ssd6540m is designed for professional applications that need transmission bandwidth and are eager for performance. The nvme architecture provides a dedicated PCIe 3.0 X4 bandwidth for each drive bay. This enables each m.2 SSD to interface directly with the platform’s CPU and provides continuous transmission performance of over 14000mb / s faster than other external desktop RAID storage solutions.

Ssd6540m is an external nvme storage solution that provides end-to-end PCIe Gen 3.0 x16 transmission bandwidth. The external data cable, used in conjunction with the removable m.2 drive bay, provides a dedicated PCIe 3.0 X4 transmission bandwidth for each SSD. It is a complete solution, including a 4-bay m.2 SSD chassis, PCIe 3.0 x16 controller, two sff-8644 PCIe gen3 X8 data cables and all necessary fixing and power accessories.

Adapt to changing workflow

Its architecture can adapt or transform nvme storage to meet the needs of each application. One ssd6540m enclosure can be shared between multiple desktops and workstations – the controller card that comes with it can also be provided as a stand-alone accessory and can be installed in any system with a free dedicated PCIe 3.0 x16 slot. In addition, its managed m.2 SSD can be installed in any ssd7100 series RAID controller with m.2 function; the array and data will remain unchanged and accessible.

Highpoint nvme storage solution SSD 6540m expands its external nvme product line

Supported by raid

The ssd6540m is supported by nvme RAID technology and can accommodate a variety of raid and non RAID storage configurations, including a single m.2 SSD and multiple raid arrays.

Raid-0: also known as stripe array. This mode provides performance and requires 2 to 4 m.2 SSDs.

RAID-1: this mode creates a hidden copy of the target m.2 SSD and requires 2 drives.

RAID-1 / 0: Mirror stripe array. This mode requires four m.2 SSDs – it mirrors data from one stripe array to another hidden stripe array for security.

Nvme RAID management

The quick configuration menu of ssd6540m allows new users to start and run everything in a few clicks. Experienced professionals can use the advanced options menu to fine tune the configuration of specific applications. Integrated trim and smart monitoring, as well as TB level trace (TBT), can help eliminate write speed degradation by making each SSD effectively manage garbage collection to simplify performance and extend the life of nvme storage. Smart monitoring allows you to check the temperature, voltage, and TBW of each nvme SSD.

The integrated LCD screen allows customers to access the temperature of the storage configuration and adjust the fan speed to ensure that the nvme drive is healthy and operating optimally. In addition, built-in alerts can be set to activate in the event of temperature or chassis related warnings or failures.

Optimized for maintainability

Ssd6540m is suitable for professional applications that need powerful, maintainable and fast storage solutions. Unlike other m.2-based storage solutions, its four removable drive bays make secure access to nvme media easy to upgrade, transfer, or maintain sessions.

The professional grade aluminum shell is durable and can work on site, but it is still suitable for on-site demonstration of media projects or direct delivery of finished products to customers.


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