Under the upsurge of “new infrastructure”, China’s 5g development has entered the fast lane, the powerful ability of 5g network has begun to be released, innovative applications of “5g +” industry emerge in endlessly, and “4G changes life and 5g changes society” are taking into reality. The high-precision positioning technology based on 5g is expected to become the next growth hotspot.

Telecom operators are not only the builders and operators of network infrastructure, but also the innovators and incubators of new business and new applications, but also the leaders of relevant industrial chain and ecology. Their choice undoubtedly has a significant demonstration effect. At the 5g positioning industry development Roundtable on August 14, China Mobile (Shanghai) Industry Research Institute shared China Mobile’s exploration, investment and Thinking on “5g positioning”, and released an indoor high-precision positioning platform for the industrial transportation and financial industry.

“Among the indoor positioning technologies, 5g positioning will become an irreplaceable positioning technology that is urgently needed by users in the industry and can quickly meet the needs of users. China Mobile will continue to support the development of the whole 5g technology and provide indoor and outdoor positioning products that meet the needs. We hope to explore 5g positioning application scenarios with ecological partners, promote the landing of 5g positioning industry and achieve better positioning Enabling the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries. ” Chen Yurong, vice president of China Mobile (Shanghai) Industry Research Institute, spoke freely.

Release 5g tob value based on boutique network

If the previous generations of mobile communication technology mainly solved the problem of connection between people, the main battlefield of 5g is in the industry. Its three new features of “ultra wide bandwidth, ultra wide connection and ultra-low delay” have promoted the full penetration of mobile communication technology from the consumption side to the production side, and its influence has far exceeded the scope of traditional communication industry.

As a telecom operator with the largest network scale, the largest number of customers and the highest brand value in the world, China Mobile has played a major role in the development of China’s mobile communication industry for a long time, and is also brave in 5g industry application. When the commercial license was issued in June last year, the “5g +” plan was released to promote the coordinated development of 5g + 4G, the integration and innovation of 5g + aicde and the co construction of 5g + ecology, so as to realize the application extension of 5g + X. In June this year, the “four digital innovations” strategy was proposed to global customers again. We will continue to make efforts from four aspects: network construction, product landing, scientific and technological research and ecological cooperation to become the main force of network power, digital China and smart society.

Despite the test of the epidemic, China Mobile has continuously accelerated the construction of 5g network, and has built a 5g high-quality network with wide coverage, advanced technology and excellent quality, which has laid a solid foundation for the integrated and innovative development of “5g +”. Up to now, nearly 300000 5g base stations have been built in China, and more than 300 cities have been deployed; 5g signal has covered all prefecture level cities and some developed townships in China, and has covered 8 high-speed railways such as Beijing Xiong, Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong, 23 high-speed highways such as Hangzhou Ningbo and Guangzhou Shenzhen, 54 airports and high-speed railway stations; During the epidemic period, 5g network rapid deployment was completed in 64 Xiaotangshan hospitals such as Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain, including 36 hours for Huoshen mountain and 72 hours for Leishen mountain.

“5g positioning is an important capability in China Mobile’s integrated innovation capability system. In the preliminary research, we found that manufacturing, mining, steel, chemical industry, finance, electric power, transportation and other industries have an urgent need for accurate positioning technology. Efficient, real-time and accurate location services have become an important driving force for the digital and intelligent transformation of thousands of industries. This is also strong It determines our confidence in 5g positioning and enabling the industry. ” Chen Yurong said.

Leading the integrated development of “5g positioning” industrial innovation

The improvement of positioning technology accuracy has brought greater imagination to the development of all walks of life, and can help realize the intelligent and fine control of personnel, equipment and materials, so as to improve efficiency and safety. During the epidemic period, the demand for accurate epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production has amplified the demand for the rapid development of high-precision positioning technology. Therefore, although the market of high-precision positioning technology started late, it is growing rapidly and has broad prospects. It is expected that the global market will reach US $40 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 40%.

In his speech at the meeting, Chen Yurong elaborated on the layout of China Mobile in the integration and innovation of indoor and outdoor positioning technology. In terms of outdoor positioning, combined with Beidou navigation system and ground differential reference stations, a dynamic centimeter level and static millimeter level positioning service network with unified planning, unified networking and cross regional seamless connection is being realized, and the construction of 4400 differential reference stations covering the whole country has been preliminarily completed. In terms of indoor positioning, give full play to its network advantages, standards and industry influence, comprehensively layout the field of indoor positioning, and build an integrated indoor and outdoor positioning network under the guidance of 5g network construction; Take the indoor high-precision platform for industrial transportation and financial industry as the anchor point, and integrate 5g new positioning technology and traditional positioning technologies such as UWB and Bluetooth to meet the differentiated needs of the industry.

Although cellular technology has long been used for positioning, 5g is expected to make a breakthrough in positioning capability, and has the advantages of low deployment cost and wide applicability compared with other positioning technologies. For example, with the release of 3GPP R16 standard, 5g positioning accuracy will reach meter level, and positioning speed, high-density access and other capabilities will be further improved; Another example is that one network covers communication and positioning needs at the same time, which can fully reuse the scale, cost and performance advantages of the existing industrial chain.

In November 2019, China Mobile took the lead in establishing the precision positioning alliance during the Global Partner Conference and released the white paper on 5g + Beidou high precision positioning application for the first time. At present, the alliance has attracted more than 150 member units; In June 2020, the United industry partners officially released the white paper on indoor positioning during the “innovation 2020 cloud Technology Week”.

“2020 is a year of opportunities and challenges. 5g will accelerate the integration of thousands of industries. China Mobile will further accelerate digital product innovation, scientific and technological innovation and ecological innovation to build more high-quality platforms, open capacity, output resources and share achievements. We sincerely look forward to the joint participation and mutual benefit of partners to jointly promote the deep-seated and high-level integration of 5g Innovation-driven development. The road is blocked and long, the line is coming, the position has come, and the future is worth looking forward to. ” At the end of his speech, Chen Yurong summarized and prospected.

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