How to efficiently promote the mass production of urban NOA (Navigation Assisted Driving) under the premise of controllable cost?

Qingzhou Zhihang's answer is: with "data-driven" and "efficiency improvement" as the core, the original "autonomous driving super factory" high-efficiency methodology.

Based on this methodology, Qingzhou Zhihang has achieved a number of industry-leading technological breakthroughs such as more efficient data closed-loop, safer perception capability, and smarter planning control. And released the latest generation of vehicle-grade pre-installed mass-produced autonomous driving solutions. This ultra-high cost-effective solution combines the advantages of Qingzhou's world-leading full-stack autonomous driving technology, and can achieve high-speed + city with a semi-solid lidar NOA, through the continuous evolution and iteration of OTA through algorithms, can further unlock more high-level autonomous driving capabilities.

Recently, Qingzhou Zhihang released a new road running video. The production car in the video is equipped with the most cost-effective high-level automatic driving solution.

With the blessing of semi-solid lidar, Qingzhou Zhihang moves towards mass production of front equipment

Judging from the official video released by Qingzhou Zhihang, the high-level autonomous driving solution for high-speed + urban NOA has accurate, blind-spot-free perception capabilities and strong scene adaptability, enabling vehicles to operate in busy urban areas, elevated ramps, and roundabout intersections. It can successfully complete complex operations such as autonomous lane change, autonomous overtaking, U-turn, entering and exiting ramps, lateral avoidance, emergency braking, etc.

This is the latest generation of Qingzhou Zhihang’s vehicle-grade pre-installed mass-produced autonomous driving solution. It supports 1 to 5 lidars, and can be tailored according to the needs of different levels of autonomous driving. Without affecting the entire technology stack. For the mass production needs of different levels of OEMs, Qingzhou Zhihang can provide safe, cost-effective and more cost-effective front-loading mass production solutions at the corresponding level.

A LiDAR for Urban NOA

The Qingzhou Zhihang autonomous driving solution benefits from excellent algorithm capabilities and strong system generalization capabilities. A set of solutions realizes the adaptation of various hardware configurations. It is equipped with semi-solid lidar, which can accurately capture and predict To the 3D position and movement direction of surrounding objects, it can better support the good experience of city + high-speed NOA, and realize a lidar to do city NOA.

The latest generation of Qingzhou Zhihang's autonomous driving solution adopts semi-solid lidar products, which are specially designed for mass production. A new trend in the development of driving perception components.

Hesai AT128 semi-solid lidar

As an important part of the solution, Hesai AT128 semi-solid lidar integrates hundreds of discrete devices in the traditional architecture into several chips through chip technology, which not only ensures the high performance and reliability of lidar, but also Significantly reduces the cost of mass production. Hesai is the first to put lidar on the development track of "Moore's Law", which can continuously increase energy and reduce costs in the foreseeable future, and help Qingzhou Zhihang accelerate the commercialization of autonomous driving.

With Hesai's unique chip technology and excellent product strength, AT128 semi-solid lidar has been trusted by many leading car manufacturers in the ADAS field, and has begun mass production and delivery in the second half of this year.

Strong cooperation to jointly promote the commercialization of autonomous driving

In fact, since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between Hesai and Qingzhou Zhihang, they have maintained a close cooperative relationship. The Robotaxi team established by Qingzhou Zhihang is equipped with Hesai's high-performance lidar products to provide safety redundancy for vehicles and jointly promote the commercialization of autonomous driving.

Super cost-effective urban NOA high-level autonomous driving front-loading mass production solution

As the world's leading provider of general full-stack solutions for unmanned driving, Qingzhou Zhihang is committed to the realization of autonomous driving in various application scenarios with the methodology of "autonomous driving super factory". More than 10 cities including Wuhan have deployed dragon boat series of self-driving vehicles, deployed more than 100 self-driving fleets, covering a variety of models, and carried out normalized operations on open roads.

In the future, Hesai and Qingzhou Zhihang will continue to deepen strategic cooperation and develop together, and promote the large-scale application of high-level autonomous driving technology through the most cost-effective high-level autonomous driving solutions combined with high-performance and high-reliability lidar products , and jointly drive the new development of China's autonomous driving industry.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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