Recently, with the success of the last test of automatic switching between fixed private line and wireless private line, the pre-commercial functional test target of the first financial 5G slicing + fixed mobile backup product (hereinafter referred to as "Financial 5G Backup Network") jointly built by Henan Unicom and Huawei was announced. All achieved, marking a key step for Henan Unicom in building the country's leading financial 5G slicing products.

"0" interruption of banking business is the core demand for the network. The traditional method adopts two MSTP fixed lines, and there is still the risk of being cut off by municipal construction at the same time. A bank in Henan hopes to use 5G to add a backup line. With the help of 5G's large bandwidth and slicing security isolation capabilities, it can improve the reliability of banking services and meet the needs of full-service backup and SLA guarantees.

Henan Unicom actively responded to the needs of banks and formed a joint working team with Huawei to conduct exploration, research and experimental tests on financial 5G backup networks. The test focuses on the requirements of large bandwidth, service hard isolation, and fixed-mobile backup proposed by bank customers. The NetEngine 5G AR enterprise router (hereinafter referred to as "5G AR") is tested for uplink and downlink bandwidth and delay, slicing hard isolation effect + SRv6 path Planning capabilities, fixed-to-mobile fast switching delay, etc., all indicators have reached the ideal situation, and bank customers have expressed high recognition of the test results.

The financial 5G network backup products use the 5G AR+ slicing solution to meet the requirements of integrated access to banking services, guaranteed services, and safety and reliability. The details are as follows:

1) Converged access: One 5G AR box can meet the needs of fixed uplink access and 5G access of bank branches, and the downlink can meet the needs of branch office, video surveillance, IoT and other business access. The test results show that the downlink is 370Mbps, the uplink is 135Mbps, the average end-to-end two-way delay of the service is 14.7ms, and the bandwidth far exceeds the 100Mbps required by the customer.

2) Guaranteed services: Based on the FlexE hardware isolation technology, services can be guaranteed with "0" congestion, "0" waiting, and delay; slice bandwidth can be smoothly expanded and contracted; based on NCE-IP+SRv6, service paths can be planned on demand, Dynamic tuning to meet the needs of banking business isolation and carrying, business SLA can be promised.

3) Safe and reliable: End-to-end OAM detection enables fast switching between 5G private lines and fixed private lines. The test switching time is < 100ms, and the fault recovery switchback is 0 packet loss, which meets the requirements of financial services "permanently online", which is better than the current bank seconds. Fast switching time; encrypted and secure transmission of services is realized through end-to-end IPSEC, and the encryption algorithm meets the requirements of financial state secrets.

Through this financial 5G slicing network preparation test, Henan Unicom explored and summed up the valuable experience of end-to-end slicing and fixed-mobile integrated access, laying a foundation for the further extension of 5G slicing network to various industries in the future, and also for the government and enterprises. The market has won valuable opportunities to seize high-quality customers.

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